Call Of Duty: Warzone Has Apparently Begun Issuing Hardware Bans

Raven Software has been alleged to be issuing hardware bans in Call of Duty: Warzone which prevents cheaters from returning.

The problem with Call of Duty: Warzone is that its free-to-play model allows any cheater to return after being banned by just creating another account. That however may be on the verge of change.

According to a Warzone cheater himself (via CharlieIntel) who loves to post his cheating clips on TikTok, developer Raven Software has started issuing hardware bans. That means any cheater caught by the anti-cheat will not be able to return in the game, at least not without changing their motherboard which is costly.

The Warzone cheater confirmed that all of his accounts have been hardware-banned by Raven Software and hence, even if he creates a new account, he gets banned automatically without even playing.

“I’ve been cheating for a little bit, I’ve been posting TikToks and it’s been fun,” said the cheater. “Every one of my accounts is banned. Every single one. Without even me playing it. They hardware banned my shit.”

Raven Software has not made any official announcements to confirm hardware bans at the time of writing. There hence stands a chance that the aforementioned claims about hardware bans were just trolling on the part of the Warzone cheater.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been overrun by cheaters since its release. While the total number of lifetime bans have crossed 50,000 accounts, the number hardly does any good since those same cheaters get back into Verdansk with new accounts. The frustrating state of the game has already seen numerous streamers and content creators to either switch to other games like Apex Legends or call out publisher Activision to take stern actions.

There have also been rumors that a new anti-cheat is being developed for Warzone as well as other Call of Duty games, which the community will probably be keeping their fingers crossed for. A brand new, robust anti-cheat combined with hardware bans will surely do wonders to keep the playing field clean.

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