Call Of Duty: Warzone Looks To Be Getting Black Ops Operators

Call of Duty: Warzone has been rumored to receive content changes that will bridge both the current Modern Warfare and the new Black Ops installments. That crossover event could potentially be happening soon.

Following the recent (and hefty) mid-season update, data miners have discovered (via Charlie Intel) the existence of Frank Woods in the game. There are numerous references to the character as well as audio files that strongly suggest Woods to be potentially making his way into Warzone as a playable operator.

Woods is a supporting character from the Black Ops franchise. He was also a playable character in Blackout, the battle royale mode for Black Ops 4. His discovery could mean that a number of other characters from the Black Ops timeline will be making their way into Warzone as playable operators as well. It would only make sense for such a crossover event.

Verdansk was reportedly set to change with new locations and features as a way of connecting with the new Black Ops installment. Infinity Ward was pegged to be setting up a thematic event to pave the way to the new Call of Duty game, which incidentally is yet to be announced. The only thing known right now is that the new Black Ops game will be set during the Cold War.

On the subject of changes to Verdansk, Infinity Ward is said to be opening up the football stadium and rolling out a loot-filled train in the fifth season. The latter has great potential since players will also be able to use the train as a quick means of transport, which would be safer as well because unlike the regular vehicles of Warzone, players boarding the train will presumably not show up on the map for nearby enemies.

Warzone will continue to be supported for future Call of Duty installments, meaning that the new Black Ops game will have Warzone as well. Activision wants to “bring players together seamlessly in one unified online multiplayer playground” instead of releasing multiple multiplayer games altogether. Hence, the reason Infinity Ward needs to add content to give the Warzone of Modern Warfare a Black Ops theme.

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