Call Of Duty Warzone FPS Test Shows PS4 Pro With Better Frames Than Xbox One X

VG Tech recently uploaded a video which compares the frame rates for Call of Duty Warzone between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

A lot of people are playing Call of Duty Warzone on Sony’s PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X console. Let’s take a look at the frame rate comparison between the two consoles for Warzone.

VG Tech recently uploaded a video that compares Warzone’s frame rates between the PS4 and Xbox One X. The video includes gameplay footage of the Modern Warfare BR mode. VG Tech used similar parts of the map and gameplay to make a fair comparison.

Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X use dynamic resolution to upscale or downscale the resolution of games. On top of that, the two machines employ a rendering technique called temporal reconstruction. This rendering solution allows the consoles to increase a game’s resolution above its natively rendered resolution.

The downscale limit for the PS4 Pro is 1388×1528 while its highest native resolution for games is 2716×1528. This maximum resolution on the PS4 Pro is achieved by using the temporal resolution rendering method. On the other hand, Xbox One X has a downscale limit of 1920×2160 while its highest native resolution for games is 3840×2160. Microsoft’s current-gen console can clearly achieve a higher native resolution though the temporal resolution method. Both consoles are locked at 60 fps.

The first part of the video showcases PS4 Pro’s Call of Duty Warzone gameplay. We see frame rate dips going down to 53 fps during combat with excessive enemies. Only when you are in a small closed space that the frame rate stays at 60. Looking at the Xbox One X’s performance, the fps dips go even lower. Gameplay showed frame rate dips going as low as 47 fps.

Obviously the Xbox One X shows lower frame rates because it is trying the render Call of Duty Warzone at 4k resolution. Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro is limited to rendering the game just above 2k resolution. Higher resolution means lower frame rates.

In FPS games like Warzone, some would argue that frame rates are more important than how the game looks. However, there are players out there who don’t mind the occasional dip in frames as long as the game is pleasant to look at.

If you don’t mind losing 5 to 6 additional frames then you should clearly be playing Warzone on Xbox One X. With that being said, the PS4 Pro certainly delivered a much smoother gaming experience. If your main goal is to perform well in the game then the PS4 Pro is for you.

With the next-gen consoles on their way, console players may finally be able to play games at higher frame rates. We hope that the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5 will not see any dips in frame rate at 4k resolution.