Call of Duty Warzone FAL Builds With Best Attachments

This Semi-Automatic rifle is truly amazing when you use the right attachments with it! Once you master this gun and have good control on the trigger finger, you can do wonders with it. To highlight the benefits of the FAL, we prepared this Call of Duty Warzone FAL Builds With Best Attachments guide.

Call of Duty Warzone FAL Builds With Best Attachments

The FAL is capable of bringing down enemies in 4 to 5 shots and even in 2 shots if you aim for the head. With all its glory comes the difficulty to handle this weapon! Even though practicing will make you finally get a hold of how this gun works, using the right attachments is quite important too.

After all its all about making your way up to the top in the Warzone. So if this is your primary weapon don’t forget to use the following attachments which will really let you master this weapon and use its full potential.

We all know the main concern with FAL is controlling its recoil! And in close encounters, we just can’t give up quick aim down speeds and our mobility. As the gun already has hefty base damage, we will not have to worry about that. Our main priority with this build is greater mobility and better ADS control.

Monolithic Suppressor
This attachment on the muzzle will have to main effects. First, you will be not visible on the radar which may not be something important in close range encounter and more damage! Even though the gun already has a lot of damage but the suppressor also gives a feel of better control of the weapon. Nevertheless, the suppressor is almost used in every weapon.

XRK Marksman Barrel
We will use this barrel to make the Aim down speed much quicker and enhancing the bullet velocity but at the expense of faster movements. Not to worry about that as our next attachment will balance that out. The marksman barrel will help a lot in controlling the enormous recoil patterns of FAL and it is a must to use attachment.

Stippled Grip Tape
As we have already focused on the recoil control and ADS now is the time to put some emphasis on much-needed movements and this is where the grip tape comes in handy. Where the rest of the attachments focus on recoil control and bullet velocity, this attachment will increase the sprint to speed and will help a lot with mobility.

Vertical Foregrip
You don’t want your aim going up while firing at the enemy and that is where the vertical foregrip plays its vital role. Even though some ADS will be given up but that is already covered by the other attachments so this one focuses on vertical recoil control.

FSS Close Quarters Stock
This particular attachment focuses on quick aiming down and lets your reflexes be used in the way they are supposed to be. For instance if you are running and spot an enemy on your far right, this attachment will let you aim at him quickly and take him down

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