Call of Duty Warzone Cash System Guide

Unlike other battle royale games, there is a Cash system in Warzone Battle royale. In this Call of Duty Warzone Cash System guide, we will explain this new mechanic to the franchise in detail.

Call of Duty Warzone Cash System

There is a Cash System for all the in-game money flow of CoD Warzone. The new content in the game like new items and material is accessed through it. In any case, the Cash System does not affect the microtransaction system.

When a match begins, you have zero money on you. Just like you find your weapons, equipment, and loot in the game, that’s the same way you find the cash in matches as well. There are going to be various locations on the map where you are going to find Cash.

You can easily distinguish the amount of cash you are getting by looking at the stack of cash. Collecting cash in the game is very important as it allows you to get equipment and items from Buy Stations located around the map.

There are various locations throughout the map where you can find Buy Stations. The ping system in CoD Warzone allows you to mark the nearest Buy Station so you and your team can easily follow.

Now once you reach the Buy Station in Warzone battle royale, you can buy certain items from here by using your money. These items include such that as Killstreaks which cannot be obtained the standard way. You either buy them or find them very rarely in loot.

Not only can you buy equipment from the Buy Station but also if any of your teammates was unsuccessful to get through the Gulag or the Gulag has expired, you can easily buy your teammate back.

Now it is totally up to you whether you want to buy killstreaks or your teammate back. Since you don’t get a lot of money to spend on whatever you wish for, you have to spend your cash wisely.

If you are running low on Cash or your teammate is running low on Cash and you have enough to spare then you can also share the cash you guys have by dropping it and letting the other person pick it up.

For PS4/Xbox, press down on the D-Pad, and then use the right trigger stick to highlight cash, and drop stacks. Now you and your teammate and pool money together in order to buy off the killstreak you want to.

There is not one but various killstreaks present in CoD Warzone and some migh remind you of MP. The UAV streak is a very small circle that pings enemies in the radius nearby you for a set time.

It shows the area near you and your team. You can only carry one killstreak at a time and if you buy more than one then you would have to give it to your teammate in order to carry or use it.