Call of Duty Warzone Blueprint Blitz Guide

The Blueprint Blitz event for Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 is live and here is everything you need to know.

The Blueprint Blitz event for Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 is now live! In this guide we’ll detail everything about the event and how to unlock all 11 blueprints from previous seasons of Warzone in Blueprint Blitz event.

Call of Duty Warzone Blueprint Blitz

The Blueprint Blitz event for Call of Duty Warzone lets you unlock up to 11 free blueprints by simply completing the contracts. Think of this as an opportunity to grab the weapon you might have missed in any of the previous seasons or events.

Now without wasting time let’s start with how you can unlock all blueprints in Warzone.

How to Unlock Blueprints in Warzone

The first step is to complete two contracts (Scavengers, Recons, or Bounties) in a match. Once you’ve completed two contracts, a Contraband Contract unlocks as a blurred briefcase.

Now your job is to bring it to a helicopter drop zone in Verdansk. After reaching the helicopter drop zone you have to press the interact button and you will see that a helicopter will appear and take it away.

You have to be very careful while making the contract extraction since other players can see and kill you before the helicopter can extract the package and make the claim themselves.


You can steal the Contraband contract yourself if you’re feeling particularly devilish!

However, if everything goes smoothly, the helicopter will extract the package successfully you will get the blueprint blitz weapon skin. You can repeat this process 10 more times to get all the blueprints and complete this challenge.

The Blueprints you might find are given below.

Weapons Blueprint

  • Pumpkin Punisher (Grau 5.56)
  • Gray Matter (LW3 Tundra)
  • Bat out of Hell (Striker 45)
  • Fluid Dynamics (Kar98k)
  • Mud Drauber (MP7)
  • Enigma (CR-56 AMAX)
  • Red Room (Milano 821)
  • Firebrand (Bruen Mk9)
  • Karbonite (EBR-14)
  • Lonely Lagoon (AX-50)
  • Bay of Pigs (SKS)

You will have a week to unlock all these blueprints since Blueprint Blitz will last only for a week. You have until Friday, August 13 at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET to get them all!

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