Call of Duty Warzone Best Swiss K31 Loadouts Guide

With the right loadouts, CoD Warzone’s recently buffed Swiss K31 sniper rifle becomes the best killing machine from long range in Season 3. In this guide, we will tell you about the best loadouts available for the Swiss K31 in Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone Best Swiss K31 Loadouts

The Swiss K31 is the best sniper rifle available in Call of Duty right now. With its fast ADS time, it’s ideal for quick scoping. It can also hold a lot of bullets in the magazine and has a great bolt time to boot.

Unlocking the Swiss K31 Sniper

This sniper rifle is quite easy to unlock. You just have to reach tier 31 in the season 3 battle pass and this gun will be unlocked. It is a free tier, so you can play games of Warzone and Multiplayer as well.

What make this gun stand out from other snipers available in CoD right now are the new string of buffs it received.

Let’s see what changed:

  • Flinch resistance is increased.
  • Slight increase in the ADS Speed.
  • Increased aiming stability.

These increases and the right attachments make the Swiss K31 easily surpass old favorites like the KAR98K. Let’s look at some loadouts to make it perform its very best!

Loadout 1 (Long Range)

24.9″ Tiger Team: This is the best barrel available in the game. Its capability of doing damage is so high that wit it, the Swiss K31 can down an enemy with just one proper shot. That’s why it highly recommended loadout.

Tiger Team Spotlight: This will increase the Reveal Distance and helps you in hitting the enemies at a long distance more accurately.

Raider Stock: It will help in speeding up ADS speed and sprint to the fire time. Airborne Elastic Wrap and Raider Stock are good for this gun.

9 Rnd Mag: This mag good for the longer distances the only disadvantage it has is the reload speed.

Airborne Elastic Wrap is the best handle for increasing the speed and shooting at longer distances.

Loadout 2 (Mid-Range)

24.9″ Tiger Team: Again, even at mid-range, this is the barrel of choice for the Swiss K31

Royal & Kross 4x scope: This is the best scope to try with mid-range settings. It will give you a 4x magnification which is suitable for the medium range.

SWAT 5mw Laser Sight: Very useful in hitting the right targets. With this, just your speed to walking towards the aim decreases a little bit.

Sound Moderator: This increases the bullet velocity which helps in killing the enemies more quickly. The sound of the bullet also compresses a little bit with that.

8 Rnd Mag: The best available choice for the Mid-Range setup. It lies between 7 Rnd and 9 Rnd.

Loadout 3(Close Range)

24.9″ Tiger Team: No surprise, this barrel is a beast for the Swiss K31 yet again.

Axial Arms 3x: Closer up you don’t want anything with stronger magnification than this scope. You can get it early on and it will provide you with 3x magnification.

No Stock: For a closer range fight, you should play the game without any stock it will help you a lot.

Useful Perks

Flak Jacket & Tactical Mask
These perks will keep you alive no matter how lethal the equipment enemies throw at you are. Without these Perks, pesky thrown objects can be the reason for your deaths.

Scavenger & Assassin
These perks are very useful since the Scavenger will help you in keeping a stock of ammo from dead bodies. The assassin will help you in bigger scores and extra points.

Gung-Ho & Ghost
Gung-Ho will help you increase mobility, and you can even reload the weapons on the fly. The weapon swapping time also increases with this perk. On the other hand, Ghost will help you in staying hidden from UAVs and allow you to make clean kills without enemies getting the drop on your location.

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