Call of Duty Warzone Best Perks Guide

Assuming that you can actually call your special loadouts in a match by buying a loadout drop from the Buy Station, you should ideally set such perks which will give you additional support with your loadout. This Call of Duty Warzone Best Perks guide elaborates more on that.

Call of Duty Warzone Best Perks

Using the proper Perks in CoD Warzone is in fact the only way to make your way up to the top. You have to use your perks in such a way that whatever the abilities a specific perk grants, you have to remember them during the battle.

Here are all the best perks which help you counter any type of opposition and even do wonders when combined with the ideal loadout that you can set and we have also described how to use those perks to the full benefit.

This perk grants you faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed.

Considering how many times we have to switch between weapons, say a sniper and an assault one, this perk indeed grants you total supremacy over your opponent.

You can even use it for giving the final hits through your secondary weapon when your primary’s mag fills out, without even letting the opponent noticing that you had a break in there.

Another benefit that the perk grants is the faster rocket launcher reload speed. We all know how long it takes to fill in your rocket launcher, but with this perk set, you can just do a continuous bombardment of rockets until either the enemy dies or you run out of ammo.

Double Time
Double Time is in fact a cheat mode to double your sprinting speed and crouch movement speed – both much needed powers.

This perk is the way to the circle while you are left out of the zone. When mastered, you can even scare the enemies off by evading his bullets with such great speed.

The doubling of crouch movement speed is actually a huge benefit too. Often we hesitate while switching from crouching to standing when the enemy is at our head, and hence we can’t move properly to dodge the bullets.

This ability of the perk makes you move while crouching as fast as you normally sprint, and hence you can dodge those bullets easily and go for your own strikes.

Ghost is a very famous perk and perhaps most of the players are using it. So when everyone has an ability, why should you be left out?

Using the Ghost perk makes you undetectable to Radar Drones, UAVs and handheld heartbeat sensors. All of these deadly attacks and smart moves make you vulnerable even when you are as ready as a pro.

Most often, it is the end game scenario when players unleash all of their stock.

You are hiding in a room and an enemy detects you with the handheld sensor. You are making your way to the safe zone and an enemy unleashes the Radar Drones.

Using Ghost perk makes you a ghost to all such tactics, and hence you can have a sigh of relief even in the end game scenario.

Scavenger is sort of a must-have perk. The reason being, you always need more ammo and yet you cannot normally retrieve ammo from the corpses you find in your way.

Scavenger allows you to collect ammo from all the corpses that you find around the map, and even from your own departed teammates.

Perhaps not much explanation is needed to this perk, as it yells out its value itself.

Just like the Double Time, this perk also works as amazingly as a cheat. Tracker perk retracts the enemy’s footprint trail to an extent, and hence gives you an amazing ability of locating them.

You can use this perk to track down the footprints of your enemies and hence charge on them with total surety even when are thinking that they are in a total hideout. What else would a killer demand?