Call of Duty Warzone Best FARA 83 Loadouts Guide

The Fara 83 has had some major buffs added to it since the Warzone Season 3 update, seemingly in the loadout department; it might just be worthwhile to give it a test run on the field. Hence, we have compiled what we think is the best and most effective Loadout for the Fara 83, which after this patch has the makings of the game’s best Assault Rifle.

Call of Duty Warzone Best FARA 83 Loadouts

Unlocking the Fara 83

Before the update players could only get the Fara 83 if they reached Tier 15 of the battle pass. But to make things easier now players can unlock the gun by getting 2 headshots in 15 different matches by an assault rifle.

For the Zombies mode, you will need to have killed at least 30 enemies consecutively without getting hit even once to unlock the gun. Once unlocked it can be used both in warzone, Multiplayer and zombies.

Let’s take a look at the changes made to the gun:

  • Minimum damaged increased to 26
  • Maximum damage reduced to 31, but max damage range buffed to 17%
  • Recoil has been smoothed out.

Long Range

  • Ember Sighting Point, raises accuracy up by 30% while the sprint to fire time and ADS time are bumped down by 10%. But it is worth it.
  • Field Agent Grip, Better Vertical and horizontal recoil, at the cost of firing movement speed and ADS firing move speed. Making it formidable at long range.
  • 16.5” Ultralight, recover some of the lost bullet velocity stats by popping on the 16.5” Ultralight barrel.
  • Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag, increases reload speed and ammo capacity, at the cost of ADS, but the reduction is very minimal.

Loadout 2(Mid-Range)

This Loadout doesn’t have any added optics or lasers.

  • Gru Suppressor, increases range and also stops detection from enemy radars.
  • 1″ Takedown, has the largest damage increase from all the guns barrels, improves the effective damage range, giving more damage at range.
  • KGB Skeletal Stock, increases your sprint to fire speed, ADS firing move speed, and aim walking movement speed, all this improves its capability in mid-range scenarios, Aiming and firing is easier.
  • Foregrip, this gives the most accuracy boost in terms of under barrel attachments.
  • Spetsnaz 50 Rnd, increases ammo the gun has before the need to reload.

Loadout 3 (Close Range)

  • Microflex LED, help with aim, with fast aim down sight time.
  • GRU 5MW, Laser Sight, boosts hip fire accuracy.
  • Bruiser Grip, increases Melee speed, Movement Speed, Sprinting Speed, Shooting Move Speed and Aim Walking Move Speed, very effective in close quarters.
  • 40 RND Speed Mag, more ammo per clip and faster reload times, but gives a 20% downgrade to aim Down Sight time.

Useful Perks

Having an effective loadout is a must but selecting good perks to compliment that Loadout is the icing on the cake, here are the perks we think will best suit your Fara 83 loadout.

This increases your resistance to explosion damage by a huge percentage. Making you very tanky against explosives, although you have to have your armor equipped.

For a loadout where you have the Fara 83 as a long ranged weapon, if anyone sneaks up on you or you are stuck in close quarters, this allows you to switch to your second weapon very quickly.

This allows you to pick two primary weapons, instead of the usual one primary and one secondary weapon. Enabling you to have the perfect gun for any situation.

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