Call Of Duty: Warzone App No Longer Shows Lobby KDR During Warmup

Call of Duty: Warzone has a third-party companion app which displays in-depth information to players to help them in their gameplay. The app though has recently come under heavy fire for sharing a bit too much information which players have been using to play around the skill-based matchmaking algorithm.

According to a report by Eurogamer earlier today, the third-party Call of Duty: Warzone app was showing K/D ratios of all players in a lobby before the start of their match. While some players were using this information to pull out of matches after flagging obvious cheaters with insanely high K/D ratios, others were pulling out of matches just because of legitimate players with high K/D ratios. The notion being to keep leaving Call of Duty: Warzone matches during the warmup period until coming across a lobby with lower K/D ratios and hence, having a better chance at racking up kills and the potential victory.

In competitive play though, this same technique can be used by players to join lobbies with lower-skilled players. The Call of Duty: Warzone companion app had hence become a liability. Following outrage and vocal concerns, the developer of the app has released an update that changes the way K/D ratios are shown.

The player-based K/D details are now firstly shown after the warmup period has ended, not before. Secondly, the average lobby K/D value will be displayed at the end of the match instead of the start. Also, some stats will show relative values instead of absolute values.

The inclusion of skill-based matchmaking has always been a sour subject of discussion among Call of Duty players. Modern Warfare and Warzone, as well as the new Black Ops Cold War, all have skill-based matchmaking. This has seen a surge in cases where players purposely die in matches, or perform their absolute worst, to negatively impact their personal K/D ratios. They hence end up in lower-skilled lobbies where they start streaming their killing sprees to an unsuspecting audience.

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