Italian Leak Claims Call of Duty TV Series Is Coming

A leak from an Italian insider has apparently given us what look like production photos of a Call of Duty TV series.

It seems to be an era of live-action video game adaptations, as hot on the heels of The Last Of Us’s release, an Italian leaker has apparently discovered that a Call of Duty live-action tv series is now in the works, and apparently knows we’ll be getting a trailer pretty soon.

Being based on the sort of Hollywood military-action flicks that are often in theaters, it stands to reason that something like Call of Duty would eventually be picked for some kind of actual cinematic adaptation, especially given the popularity of its reboot of the Modern Warfare games.

The leaker claims that the series will be based on those games, meaning that it will be a modern military black-ops focused story that will most likely be following the same sort of plotline, expanded for TV. In the alleged production screenshots the leaker added to their video, we can see this is true, as Ghost and his trademark mask are clearly visible.

Whether this is an actual official TV production, however, or just some kind of live-action promotional short, remains to be seen. Call of Duty has been taking greater strides with its story the past few games, and a 24-style military thriller focused around Task 141 would likely make great television.

But, again, at the same time, we don’t know if any of this is actually legitimate yet. While we could see a trailer at some point soon, there’s been no other indications that a Call of Duty series is happening, though in the past there have been discussions of a movie.

With the rampant success that The Last of Us has been getting in its own adaptation, it’s not much of a surprise that other major video game franchises would want to try and capitalize on that same kind of success. If a Call of Duty series does come out, hopefully it will be just as good as The Last of Us is.

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