Call of Duty: Modern Warfare To Have Watches That Show Real Time

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 is gearing up to be the installment that redeems Activision’s much criticized franchise. And details, like watches that actually tell the time in-game will surely help.

Activision tweeted a video showcasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new multiplayer match intros. But fans had a problem because of a watch in the trailer showing the wrong time.

The fan created a thread on the Modern Warfare subreddit saying they were disappointed that the watch was “fake”. In response Infinity Ward confirmed that in-game watches would show real time.

Infinity Ward Studio Art Director Joel Emslie was the one who had replied. The watches reflects the time in your console/PC system settings! It’s the little details that matter.

Here’s the multiplayer trailer teaser:

Confirmed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operator packs:

Operators resemble specialists in the way they are unique characters who each have their own backstory. But apart from that, they won’t have any extra abilities that can affect gameplay.

Infinity Ward has confirmed the prospect of three operator packs so far.

The first is the “Crew Expendable” operator pack. It has Operator “Otter” and his gear is Special operations with gas masks. His specific weapon will be short-barreled pump-action shotgun with oil and surface markings,

The second is the “All Ghillied Up” operator pack. The Operator is “Grinch” and he has a full Sniper Suit. His custom weapon is a bolt-action sniper rifle, in camouflage with additional netting and suppressor.

The third is the “War Pig operator pack. The Operator is”Wyatt” and he will wear Ground infantry Desert camouflage with tac vest is the skin it brings. The weapon is a Pistol with a lightweight custom trigger, flared magwell, grip with custom stippling and accessory rail.

All of these operator packs are available with the Operator Edition or the Enhanced Operator Edition.

More details about the multiplayer mode will be revealed on the 1st of August by Activision. Stay frosty.