Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Paladin Guide

The third Special Ops mission in the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare is called Operation Paladin. The aim of this mission is to hunt down someone named ‘Mr. Z’, using info from Dr. Linda Morales – which requires you to go behind enemy lines to reach her.

This guide will show you how to properly complete this mission.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Paladin

First of all, let’s talk about what loadout you need for this spec ops mission. This mission will have you fighting in both close-range and long-range battles. So, bring some versatile gun and use the Overkill perk.

The first step of this mission is to infiltrate the storage facility. Leave the area you spawned in and get on the four-wheeler next to you. Head to the storage facility.

Once you reach the quest objective in the storage facility, the next step will be to find and disable the signal jammer. Once you find it, have your entire team guard the jammer and have each of you keep an eye at different directions.

Take Dr. Morales To The LZ

Once the jammer is disabled, the next step is to go to Dr. Morales (she’s in one of the storage containers) and take her to the building with the pool. An easy way to avoid enemies here is to hide in the bathrooms.

The best way to go about this step is to have one person focus on the back, while three people guard the door. Now, wait for the chopper to land.

Once it does, go through the back door and get to the chopper. Guard Dr. Morales at all times. When you reach the helicopter, jump right in with Dr. Morales.

Guard The Havoc 2.0

For this step of the mission, you have to follow the Havoc 2.0 and protect it. This step of the mission involves a lot of ranged battles, so keep that in mind. Enemies can spawn in almost all of the buildings around you, so keep yourself alert.

The main enemies you want to focus on are the RPG ones, as they can do a lot of damage to the Havoc 2.0. Try and take them out first.

The best spot to defend the Havoc 2.0 from is the building adjacent to the parking lot – you can get up on it using the ladder present outside. This will give you a great angle to snipe your enemies.

Protect The Crates

This step of the mission will be very tough. A ton of enemies will be rushing you, while you have to protect three separates crates from being blown up. If an enemy plants a bomb, you have to go and diffuse it yourself. To properly defend these crates, make each person of your team watch a different direction.

First Crate

With the first crate, the enemies will rush in from the store right above it. It’s a good idea to use air support here if it’s available. Having an RPG is also ideal for this situation.

Second Crate

For the second crate, you will have to go inside a store. Head to the back of the store and watch the corners. Pick up all the items in the store and camp on top of the boxes next to the crate.

Third Crate

For the last crate, you need to go out of the store. Remember to pick up the minigun from the Juggernaut you defeated to defend the previous crate.

To destroy this crate, two tanks will literally fall from the sky – from an airship.

This is probably the most frustrating part of the mission since you have to fight off two tanks while you’re protecting the crate. It’s best to have at least one medic on your team.

Around the map, there are several rockets or some sort of explosive lying around. Remember to pick these up and use them to take the tanks down.

Once the tanks are destroyed and the crate is safe, you can open it. Then head to the chopper.

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