Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Headhunter Guide

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the first spec ops mission that will come your way is going to be Operation Headhunter. As the name implies you need to hunt down the terrorist network of Almalik – AQ’s slumlord in chief. But it is not as simple as it seems and there are some certain tasks assigned to you that you have to complete in order to perfectly pass the mission.

Here we will explain each task step by step for you to get everything right and finish first spec ops mission like a boss.

Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Headhunter

These spec ops missions in Modern Warfare are very difficult and you might want to be with your team and not wander alone very far away. You will see a flurry of enemies coming at you from all directions on foot, Juggernauts and vehicles.

You need to coordinate with your team to be able to manage this huge line of enemies. The area in this mission is going to be massive so you will need some long-range weapons along with an assault or LMG to get maximum kills as well.

Keep in mind that the mission will keep going as long as one member of the team is alive and all other members will keep respawning so you might want to keep one member as a spawning beacon just so you don’t fail the mission at a later instance.

Capture AQ Lieutenants
There are a total of 6 AQ Lieutenants that you need to capture. First, go down through rope and head outside. Get four-wheeler which will be standing right in front of you. Get to the location of the first AQ Lieutenant and don’t directly enter the building but go around and enter through a window and just take him out.


Don’t forget to pick up any items like drives along the way.

For juggernauts get the help of Cluster Strikes and other aerial attacks. Now head to the next Lieutenant and make sure to kill all the enemies you see on your way.

Now have your two teammates go through the front door and two through the back, take out the enemies on the ground floor and head to the stairs and capture the next AQ Lieutenant and you will notice that there are two Lieutenants nearby, just grab a drive and go get them as well.

One will be on the lower level of the building and the other one will be in the back of the larger building. When you go to get the one in the building, enter the building from the front but instead of going towards stairs move off to the back left corner and kill the enemies on your way.

One of the Lieutenants is a suicide bomber so keep that in mind. Take them out, get the drive and get ready for the last two. Make sure to grab some useful items like Cruise missiles on your way as they will come very handy. When you get to the next location you will have to fight Juggernaut.

After that get inside the nearby building and capture the remaining Lieutenants as they will be hiding there. After you have captured all six of them you will get a new location to get to the stadium. Get a four-wheeler and get to the stadium for the next objective of operation headhunter.

Hack and Disable the Scramblers
Things will get a little tricky here, you will have to make your way through the stadium and hack and disable five of the scramblers. Get yourself a teammate as a spawn beacon because you will have to fight lots and lot of enemies here.

Get to the first scrambler and hack it. You will have to interact with it and then wait while the bar fills. The hacking process will be faster when most of your teammates are close by. So try to gather around when hacking. Get your friends nearby to give you cover and get a friend on the roof so he will take out most of the enemies around you as well.

After destroying the first one, sprint towards the second one and let your teammates kill the enemies coming your way.

For the second jammer, you will have to take out a juggernaut. Hopefully, if you have picked up some cruise missile on your way this is a very good time to use it and take it out. Now get to the scrambler and hide right next to it while you hack it, get your friends nearby to give you cover.

After destroying this one, make a sprint for the next one but also check for the ammo and stock up on at as much as possible. You will also find an RPG so have someone pick it up as you will need it next.

Get to the next scrambler and hack it. Keep an eye for the juggernaut and use the cruise missile or similar item to take it out. After you have destroyed the scrambler you will face some tanks, here you will get the access to a Gunship, mount it as it will be very useful here to take out those tanks.

You can also use Cluster Strike here but we recommend to save them as they will be useful later on.

After taking out those tanks get to the next scrambler which is down in the parking lot so you will have a lot of cover to use. Use the nearby cars for cover as it can be a little tough because there are lots of possible directions from where enemies can come from.

Keep the whole team nearby and get this one done and move to the next one. Now, this last one will be quite tough and just give your all to it. There are going to be multiple juggernauts and you will be bombarded with smoke all the time.

Get someone on the roof and have them use cruise missile as it is the best time. Watch out for the suicide bombers and give your whole ammo stack here.

Shoot down the enemy helicopter
The last thing you have to do for this spec ops mission is to take out an enemy helicopter. A cruise missile or something similar will be very helpful here. You can also use an LMG to take this chopper out. After taking this helicopter out you will be able to extract via a helicopter of your own.