Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Crosswind Guide

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Operation Crosswind is the fourth Special Ops mission. Your task is to invade the AQ-occupied Verdansk Airport, get on the hijacked 747 plane and retrieve the core.

Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operation Crosswind

To complete the Spec Ops operation crosswind, you’ll have to finish few main tasks. These are tasks you must complete to finish the mission:

Disrupt the Enemy Comms: Rooftop Army
The most recommended strategy that can really come handy is if someone dies by killing themselves and immediately land on top of a roof of the close by airport, just to see over the upload. Be very careful when landing, you should land on the highest roof of the terminals and not on a lower level such as on top of a parking garage.

Drop down on the roof over the upload point, and in order to activate the upload point, you’ll need assistance from someone to go down. Preferably the entire team should be on the roof to make the activation fast but in this case even one person can give you progress.

The roof top point is really helpful when it comes to receiving minimum damage, or else you’ll have to manage numerous Juggernaut encounters. The moment you complete your objective, head into the terminal and to the next upload point.

Disrupt the Enemy Comms: Main Terminal
This point is just like the previous point, the only difference is that nobody has to die this time. You can stay above the upload point and on a higher level. Just like the last point, you’ll need someone for activation.


Make sure to have your entire team on top so you can hide beside some nearby seats. Don’t waste your time by dealing with Juggernauts because you’ll have to run any moment for your next task in operation crosswind.

Infiltrate the Plane
This is probably the most difficult task of the game, where you’ll have to cross the runway and into a plane. The reason why this is the toughest task is because you’ll have to get out of the terminals and face countless Juggernauts and different adversaries that surround you.

You’ll see the area through a tunnel below you, from the upper level where you’ve disrupted the comm. Attempt to escape with your team and cross the runway through the tunnel.

Upon reaching the outer area, go towards the downwards right side of the wrecked plane where you’ll find some four-wheelers that will help you go to the plane’s location. Just keep in mind that you have limited time to finish the task (five minutes)

Retrieve the Nuclear Core
This task is not that open-handed as compared the previous one, because you only have three minutes to make your way to the bottom level from the plane and retrieve the nuclear core.

Go to the upper floor with two teammates on each side and head up the cabin while being in cover. Move up after clearing out the area by killing all adversaries that can be spotted.

You’ll see a door on the far-left side that you can break. However, behind that closed door is a Juggernaut so be careful. You don’t have enough time or ammos to kill him, simply lead him forward to get behind him and head down the stairs.

After going down stairs to the reactor, you’ll see a container on your left, inside it is the nuclear core. But before reaching for the container, you’ll have to take out the people hiding and move on the next task in crosswind.

Escape the Plane
From this point, you’ll have to go towards an area that is lighted red. You’ll encounter another Juggernaut, now since you don’t have enough time on the clock so you’ll have to use the same strategy as before; lead him forward and go behind him. From here go towards the far back side to reach the exit room.

After reaching the exit room, you’ll complete the Spec Ops operation crosswind by skydiving. Each mission can be completed easily if you follow the instruction given in this guide step by step.

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