Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Emotional, But Not At All Political

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is not political at all, according to Infinity Ward Studio Art Director Joel Emslie. During a recent interview, Emslie was questioned about Modern Warfare’s representation of political themes.

GameInformer asked if the game is political, Emslie replied by saying “No”. “We are just making a game”, Emslie said. However, Game Informer‘s Ben Hanson who asked the question replied by saying “That seems insane.” Emslie responded to Hanson by saying that “It seems insane to get political, to me.”

Now that’s a controversial response. Because all of the previous Call of Duty games were political. Modern Warfare 2019 includes real-world locations, operatives, scenarios, etc which make it a political game. Emslie himself described the game’s single-player campaign as “a very relevant contemporary war story.”

Emslie’s statement has already started a controversy. However, it’s possible that Joel Emslie was joking, especially considering the tune of the interview. You can watch the full interview below to find out.

Further, single-player design director Jacob Minkoff has also offered his stance on the political matter. Here’s what he said:

We want to make a game that is true to the spirit of modern war and modern conflicts, but we don’t want to speak to any specific political message. What this is is a piece of entertainment.

It appears that Infinity Ward wants to deliver an emotional experience with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare while providing entertainment and avoiding political themes.

Other than that, Emslie revealed some exciting new things about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019. Here’s a summary of what Emslie said.

  • Modern Warfare is a new storyline
  • As for COD4 maps, IW will have to wait and see
  • More Modern Warfare Multiplayer modes have yet to be announced
  • Joel’s favorite mode is Ground War
  • Bullet drop is noticeable through a “well magnified optic”
  • Spec Ops has more depth compared to previous games
  • Multiplayer supports split screen
  • Beenox, High Moon, and Raven are helping Infinity Ward with Modern Warfare
  • There will be no zombies

Modern Warfare 2019 is slated to release on October 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Infinity Ward recently announced that Call of Duty Modern Warfare early access beta will start on September 12, 2019, for PS4 users. For Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta sign up, players will have to pre-order the game.

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