Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Officer Ranking Tips, Prestige Guide

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has replaced the traditional “Prestige” system of multiplayer, with Officer Ranks. In this guide, we will explain the new Officer Ranking system of Modern Warfare in detail.

Modern Warfare Officer Ranking

In the “Prestige” tradition, a player would level up to a certain MAX level, then they would be provided with the option to reset their level to level 1, lose all their weapon attachments and killstreaks in favor of getting the Prestige ranks. Now, instead of level 1, you will be Prestige Level 1x as shown by the Player Emblem.

However, this time, the Prestige system has been replaced by Officer Ranks. For this, once the player reaches level 55, which is the maximum basic level, they then reach Officer Level 1 automatically without losing their progress.

This gives the players an additional 100 levels to progress through. Beginning Officer Rank will NOT strip the player of the attachments and killstreaks unlocked previously, as was in the old Prestige system.

Each Officer Rank provides the player with unique officer challenges, exclusive to that particular rank. These challenges help the player level up to the next rank and so on. Once you hit Rank 100, the players are awarded a weapon blueprint and an emblem.

Officer rank is seasonal and is scheduled to reset whenever a new season of the game starts. The player level, however, mentioned as the Enlisted Rank, in the game is not reset so you will always be level 55 but continue to gain new officer ranks when the new season starts.

Officer Ranking Tips
As mentioned before, after reaching Officer Rank 1, players basically begin the level journey again with the equipment they have unlocked. So they have all the Call of Duty Modern Warfare weapons at their disposal to play and win games with, all the while earning XP.

If XP gains from your usual run of daily missions, Officer Challenges, and everyday gameplay isn’t enough for you, Modern Warfare has more in store for you.

Challenge Missions aren’t one-and-done affairs – rather, they’re multi-step processes that require you to attempt specific game modes or use specific weapons to complete them, offering you substantial XP bonuses and their own separate track of seasonal awards upon successful completion of each step.

Challenge Missions can be accessed through the Barracks menu in Multiplayer.

Your personal rank isn’t the only thing to work on, of course. Your favorite weapons need practice and polish too – and you’ll be rewarded for doing so.

The usual mechanics are here: you gain weapon levels by gunning down targets with a specific gun, level-ups reward you with attachments, perks, and camouflages, and all of it is managed at the Gunsmith.

Note, however, that unlocking a base camouflage means even more opportunities to gain XP. Each base camo comes with a set of camo challenges, granting you access to new skins and XP upon completion.

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