Call of Duty Modern Warfare Ground War Tips

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta has shown us a small chunk of what we can expect from the full release in October. The 32v32 Ground War mode is hectic but fun. You have a gigantic downtown city map with 64 players running around and picking each other off in a glorious ballad of bullets and blood. This Call of Duty Modern Warfare guide will provide you with a few tips to keep in mind to help you survive longer during Ground War.

Modern Warfare Ground War Tips

Below are some handy tips and tricks that will help you a lot in this new Call of Duty game mode, the first for the franchise with such a huge map and player count (with the exception of Battle Royale)

Select and Alter your Loadout
There are no fixed classes during Ground War, but you’re allowed to bring a loadout of your choice from other modes and then alter it to suit your needs. If you want to rush into combat headfirst while still being a bit conservative then you’ll need a lot of fire power.

We recommend equipping the M91 with an extended mag since it allows you a lot of the rapid-fire you need to push through enemy lines. Smoke Grenades are useful distractions so that you can rush in and capture an enemy flag. Sticking around afterward isn’t always the best idea if you want to get more kills so use frag grenades to clear the way. You’ll want to be aware of the enemy’s location so adding a UAV to your loadout might help since it will provide you with regular radar updates.

Grab a Ride ASAP
The Ground War map is gigantic and filled to the brim with players chasing after you. If you want to get across faster while being a bit more protected then we strongly recommend you grab a vehicle as soon as you spawn in. Running around can drain precious stamina and most players that run through the field end up riddled with bullets. You can attack from the sky in a chopper or drive around the ground in APCs and blow enemies apart with a tank.

Deployable Cover
Aside from the environmental cover areas that you can hide behind, you can also use deployable cover to protect yourself from enemy fire. These Field Upgrades can help you slow down the enemy when planted in front of doors so that the foe has to waste energy trying to get past it and you can sneak in a kill. You can use this frequently since it has a very fast recharge rate so don’t hesitate. In the fury of Ground War, this can help you big time.

Do Headshots
The 32v32 Ground War mode doesn’t exactly provide a lot of opportunities for proper 1v1 combat so getting headshots is a good way to kill enemies quickly and then keep moving. This is also great for disposing of multiple enemies at once so start practicing your aim.

Fortify your Defenses
Domination matches revolve around you capturing enemy capture points while defending your own. Set up a barricade at an easy to defend location and start locking shields. This stronghold should last a while and you can send out UAVs with a few troops to capture the other points.

Flank Your Targets
Select a largely offensive based loadout and push through your enemies as a single unit. It’ll be much easier to finish objectives and collect enemy points if you flank them.  You can mark enemy weapons, field upgrades, and stop foes who have killstreaks. The Ghost perk along with the UAV will help you do this quickly and without detection.

Focus On the Objective
Gathering up long kill streaks and running around with your itchy trigger finger is fun but it’s not going to win you the match. Defend your objective with your team and focus on capturing enemy points as much as you can. This ensures that you get a bunch of kills anyway but it also comes with the added benefit of gaining some serious XP so that you can unlock a lot of new perks and weaponry which will assist you during our previously mentioned suggestions.

Just keep these tips in mind and the Ground War Mode should be relatively easy for you. The full release will have even more maps and players so you will need to be especially careful then