All Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Game Modes Exist In The Same Canon

We received news not long ago about Modern Warfare not having any zombies mode and here’s why. Zombies would exist outside the canon of the game which Infinity Ward doesn’t want. This is because according to them, every Call of Duty Modern Warfare game mode will, in fact, exist in the same universe.

The information was revealed to us during the E3 Youtube livestream where Infinity Ward talked about the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game modes. Here’s what they had to say:

“What’s interesting about the game this year, and we’ve set out to do this since day 1 is its one game. Its one consistent universe for the entirety of the game. It’s not a bunch of modes as you play, you are playing Modern Warfare. No Zombies in Modern Warfare; Zombies wouldn’t fit into a world we live in today. The point is is whether you’re playing in Co-Op or Multiplayer or Single-Player, you’re playing in the same world, the rules are all the same.”

If you were a fan of CoD zombies, you won’t be seeing that in Modern Warfare. We still have yet to see any Call of Duty Modern Warfare gameplay that showcases this feature, however.

What you will be seeing, however, is the return of Spec Ops mode. Spec ops were a series of co-op missions originally introduced in Modern Warfare 2. These missions put you and a friend if you want, in the boots of an operative in different scenarios.

The scenarios vary from mission to mission. Modern Warfare 2 had one Spec Op that made you a stealth sniper in a snowy landscape. They also had another mission where you played as a special forces operative tasked with guarding a VIP.

What’s interesting with the second spec op is that the same VIP is later rescued in the main campaign of Modern Warfare 2. This means the Spec Op was directly connected to the main story.

Infinity Ward hopes to capture more of that feeling with the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so expect nostalgic gameplay.

Source: Charlieintel

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