Call of Duty Modern Warfare Finishing Moves Guide

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the latest installment in the Call of Duty series that everybody seems to be loving has brought in various new dynamics. We all love to humiliate someone not paying attention to their surroundings, luckily enough for us, Modern Warfare provides us with just the feature to punish campers, executions, and finishing moves.

Modern Warfare Finishing Moves

If you’ve played Battlefield, you should be familiar with the concept of execution. You come up behind a player, tap the melee button and you’ll enter an animation that cuts them up. Similar to that, Modern Warfare introduces you to humiliating opponents in the most gruesome way.

Executions are required to finish challenges as well, and getting them can be a tricky job. The first thing that I would recommend you to do is get the “Dead Silence Field” perk so that your footsteps make less noise.

Once equipped, try to determine the spawn-point of enemies, and conveniently place yourself in a spot right behind them. From here, you can simply choose to pick an enemy, likely chances are their back will be turned against you to where all the action is; during this, head up to said enemy and hold down the melee button.

Holding down the button is important, pressing it once might just lead to a normal melee attack. When you hold it down, the execution should start. Sneak up on snipers on the other end of the map, or someone using his brother’s account to play and enjoy the satisfying finishers.

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