Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition Contents Revealed

As with any special pre-order or collector’s edition, the special orders of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare come with a physical prize. In this case, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dark Edition comes with functional night vision goggles. Pretty surprising considering the actual military deal NV goggles amount up to a $1000.

Here’s a tweet from a guide coordinator at GamesRadar confirming the authenticity of the goggles:

So if you’re looking to pre-purchase the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dark Edition, the cost is $200 and the prize are these goggles. It’s a good nostalgic throwback to the launch of the Modern Warfare 2 title, one that also gave away slightly lower grade night vision goggles. Even Halo 2 back in the day gave away a Master Chief helmet with their initial copies of the game.

Besides these goggles, I’m not sure Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dark Edition offers anything else. I doubt there are any extra in-game goodies and exclusive content packages. We do know that pre-ordering Modern Warfare and owning Black Ops 4 will allow you to play as Captain Price in Blackout.

As we covered before, this was a bonus to Blackout players, not Modern Warfare ones.

Hopefully there are other rewards in Modern Warfare itself for pre-ordering the game. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dark Edition already covers it well enough with the goggles. It’s still a curious case if we take into comparison actual military grade goggles. Since if these ones are more or less the same, that’s a lot of funding being wasted for the troops otherwise.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is set to hit the shelves in September later this year. Continuing the annual tradition of Call of Duty releases.

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