Call of Duty Modern Warfare Cyberattack Tips

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the latest installment in the Call of Duty series bringing everyone a fresh boots-on-the-ground experience with better and improved gunplay than any game in the series before. Modern Warfare includes various new game-modes, one of them being Cyber Attack, which forces players to play tactical, position themselves, and be efficient with time.

On the surface, Cyberattack feels like a mix between the old Search n Destroy and Sabotage game modes but there are some notable changes that can confuse players. Thankfully, we have compiled some useful tips to help you win Cyberattack matches easily in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Cyberattack Tips

Cyberattack game mode consists of 10 rounds. There’s no respawning, so if you die, you have to be revived by another team-mate. The objective is to plant an electromagnetic pulse device near the data center of an enemy.

When it comes to a game-mode such as this, you can’t run your head into a firefight and expect to win every time. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to improve your sense of the mode better.

Depending on your play-style and your load-out, you can deal some serious damage. The way to a quick win will always be effective communication.

Making use of your pre-made team
Communication is key and if you’re playing with your friends and able to effectively talk to each other, then your chances of winning are already high.


With a total of 12 players on the battlefield and 6 players on each team, players can assign roles to one another to cover more ground and be able to move around in their respective domains as freely as possible. A recommended approach to this would be:

A close-quarter load-out which would include a sub-machine gun, with the Sleight of Hand perk for fast reload; and proceeding to run and gun. It should be noted that this would be most effective in closed areas rather than in open areas.

A sniper who deals with the risky enemies; that is those running around with a heavy mag and high stopping power for close quarters, so they can’t harm the team-mates trying to make a move on the EMP. With a perfectly positioned sniper scouting the entire open area, your entire team will have enough cover to go about their business and do what they do best.

Medium range assault rifles that are able to provide backup for planting the bomb and covering any flanks. Having good stopping power, these will be best buddies to keep our sub-machine gunners alive and kicking.

With proper communication and roles assigned, you are almost guaranteed a win against the enemy team.

Being a lone wolf
Playing with random people? They won’t communicate? You’re probably going in alone right now. But wait, in order to maximize your efficiency; make sure to choose the optimal load-out along with the gun you’re most comfortable with.

You’ll have a great time if you pick a close-range weapon, use the perk for reload speed (Sleight of hand), be silent; and annihilate anyone who shows up in your path. Not only are you contributing to your team-mates who don’t deserve it, but adding sweet satisfaction to your quality playtime.

Alternatively, be patient. When you’re alone and on the hunt for other people, it is best to lay low and move slowly. Scoping out players from a distance and making a strategic approach is appreciated and rewarding in a game-mode such as this.

Map knowledge will set your skill level higher than the average player by default and you will be able to navigate corners with ease, putting yourself in the best places on each map in order to kill as many enemies as you can.

With all this in mind, the take away from all of this is that Cyber Attack is a team-oriented game; if your enemies are organized, you don’t stand a chance until you put your mates in a strong strategy.

It’s an intense game-mode that rewards players for being tactical. If you keep all these little tips in your mind, you’ll be able to wipe out enemy teams and detonate EMPs with a much higher success rate

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