How to Unlock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Charms

Learn how to unlock all the charms available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to add some style to your weapons and flex on enemy's deathcam

Call of Duty Modern Warfare brings a new customization option for players in the form of Charms. Charms are small items that will hang by the side of your weapons. Charms are only for cosmetic purposes and do not provide any competitive advantage to the player having them. This guide will explain the different methods to unlock all the charms in the game and add some flair to your weapons.

Modern Warfare Charms

One way of to get the weapon charms is by completing Mission Challenges. To view your missions, head to the Barracks menu. Then head over to the Multiplayer challenges. Here you will see multiple missions available to you.

Completing these challenges award the player with different type of loot. Some of these missions will earn the player Charms. Some rarer charms will require you to complete multiple mission to obtain the charms.

Here is a list of some charms that can be unlocked through mission challenges:

  • Infiltrator Mission – Objective 3 – Blade of Valor Charm
  • Well Equipped Mission – Objective 3 – Firewater Charm
  • Perks of the Job Mission – Objective 1 – Re-up Charm
  • Best of the Best Mission – Objective 1 – Supreme Slice Charm
  • Best of the Best Mission – Objective 5 – Helpful Doge Charm
  • Expert Gunsmith – Objective 2 – 50 Cal Charm

It is to be noted that not all charms can be used on all weapons.

Another way to get Charms is by purchasing items from the In-Game Store. The Call of Duty Endowment pack (US $9.99) contains an exclusive universal charm, meaning that it can be used on all of the weapons

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