Call of Duty Modern Warfare Best Snipers

Not everyone prefers a run and gun play style and some are more into sitting back and waiting to pick off an unsuspecting enemy player as snipers. That is where out Call of Duty Modern Warfare best snipers guide comes in to help you in selecting which sniper rifle works best for you. We have a few different guns available in Modern Warfare and so we’re here to tell you real quick what Weapon and Perk set-up worked best for us.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Best Snipers

Every available Sniper Rifle in the latest Modern Warfare has its own pros and cons so each one is great for different situations.

  • AX-50: Bolt action sniper rifle that has a lot of impact on damage over long range but doesn’t have the best fire rate.
  • Dragunov: This sniper rifle has a higher fire rate but doesn’t do as much damage.
  • HDR: Anti-material bolt action sniper rifle deals a lot of damage but limits movement.

These sniper rifles come with their own set of attachments and perks which can be beneficial depending on the situation you find yourself in during a fight.

Weapon Damage
Enter Create-A-Class and you will see two versions of the sniper class. The Reg scope sniper attachment comes with the default scope and which works well in any camouflage. The best sidearm to choose with that is the normal Desert Eagle since it’s reliable.

In terms of Perks, go with the Bandolier purely for the ammo since you get 45 bullets in total. Five are in your mag while 40 are backup bullets. The next perk you should pick is Stopping Power since it’s great for one-shot kills for any enemy except if they have juggernaut.  You should also run Deep Impact with a stun grenade.

The aim down sight timing is very slow in Call of Duty Modern Warfare so you need a particularly good loadout to be able to aim down the sights a little bit faster with weapons.

Best Sniper
For our money, we’d go for the AX-50. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to call it overpowered. This weapon is capable of dealing high damage, and if you’re proficient in quick scoping, this weapon may prove to be fatal even in close-range combat.

For the AX-50, we recommend the Factory Barrel attachment. The Aim Down Sight Speed is crucial in Modern Warfare, arguably more so than anything else. Therefore, any attachment that augments that will always be a plus. The Barrel has the added advantage of increased movement speed on top of that.

Another useful attachment is the Stippled Grip Tape, once again to improve the ADS speed, however, this attachment also increases the Sprint to Fire Speed – as I mentioned earlier, quick scoping is a viable tactic and this ought to assist with that.

Combine these attachments with the Sleight of Hand perk to improve your reload speed and you have a deadly sniper class loadout on your hands.