Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Survival Tips

Call of Duty’s classic Zombie mode makes its debut in Call of Duty Mobile. The Zombies mode features many of the mechanics seen in the previous Call of Duty installments. In this guide, we will go over several Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Survival Tips and tricks we know will help improve your overall experience and aid you in becoming a better player in Zombie Suvival Mode.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Survival Tips

For those unfamiliar with the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies mode, the basic concept is that you are in a remote, closed-off location and you must fight off against waves of zombies.

There are two modes in Zombies: Survival mode where the goal is to live for as long as possible; and in Raid mode, you must kill a set number of zombies and fight the ‘Boss’, ending the match once one of you is dead.

Despite being two distinct modes, they function similarly to one another. However, in this guide, we will specifically go over Survival Mode. Players will have to kill every zombie they encounter, doing so will earn them ‘Zombie Points’, which isn’t related to any score; it’s a currency.

Zombie Points can be used to purchase an assortment of items that will aid you as you head deeper and deeper into the mode, you’re in. When starting off, the game provides you with a silenced pistol and that’s it. All other weapons, from here on out, must be purchased with Zombie Points.

Weapons can be found all around the map, they will be outlined on the walls and by interacting with them, you’ll expend the Zombie Points you have and gain possession of that weapon.


Ammo will be readily available so you don’t have to worry about that.

The map you’re in will also have certain areas that are closed off to you. In order to gain access to these areas (and gain more legroom to work with), you must spend Zombie Points. 500 to 700 Zombie Points will be enough to unlock almost any area.

The map you’re in will have several boarded windows that zombies can break through; any window can be boarded up again. Zombies can break through boards but it takes a great deal of time to do so, giving you the space, you need to maintain the offensive. To put up boards or fix a damaged barrier, simply stand near the window and it will rebuild itself; no Zombie Points will be used up.

That’s not all! Zombie Points play an additional role, and that role is tied directly to Coin Machines that can be found spread throughout the map. Coin Machines, which require a certain number of Zombie Points to be used, provide you with different Coins – these Coins give you a different Perk, usually for a limited amount of time. These Coins can mean the difference between life and death.

Invincibility, a greater number of Zombie Points earned per kill, and so much more is available to you via the Coin Machines. Furthermore, there are also ‘Buff Machines’ available on the map as well. These Buffs are abilities that improve your overall performance.

You can equip up to 3 Buffs at a time, each of which can be upgraded to level 5. These Buffs include faster reloading, increased movement, increased health regeneration, etc; it’s paramount that you pick the Buffs that aid you the best during combat.

Lastly, there are Cola Machines in the vicinity. These Cola Machines provide you with different drinks that give you unique abilities.

For example, one drink gives you the ability to instantaneously revive a downed teammate. Be mindful of these Cola Machines and only spend your Zombie Points on them if you feel the need to.

How to Survive in CoD Zombies (Tips and Tricks)

Lay Down Traps
The map is laced with traps – traps that can only be activated if you have enough Zombie Points to actually activate them. In certain areas throughout the map, you’ll find red boxes. These boxes allow you to activate traps after you spend the required amount of Zombie Points.

Any zombie kill by these traps will count as a kill. In other words, you will earn Zombie Points for killing a zombie via a trap. These traps are powerful enough to kill zombies even in the later stages (the zombies’ health skyrockets in the later stages) and are capable of downing multiple zombies at once.

However, traps are of limited use so plan a route, lure the zombies in, and only use the traps when you know for a fact that it will get you a large number of kills.

Buy Buffs
When it comes to Buffs, we highly recommend you get the Buffs that increase your Health Regeneration and Increased Reload Speed; both are indispensable, especially in the later stages when you are liable to get hit more often and be in situations where you do not have the time to reload your weapon in a sluggish manner.

Alongside those Buffs, we also recommend Critical Hit. By upgrading this Buff, you’ll increase the chance of scoring Critical Hits by up to 50%! This can be a lifesaver and can be the Buff that ends up saving your life and giving you the edge you need to come out on top.

Aim for the Head
To save your ammo and finish the zombies much quicker, it is suggested to aim at their heads to kill them easily. Keep a safe distance from them and aim for their heads to keep yourself out of trouble.

Block the Windows to Keep Zombies Out
When you go near the windows, the game will automatically block windows to keep the zombies from breaking in. When the round starts, quickly head towards the windows of the house and block them with planks so that it is difficult for zombies to break in.

If you see a zombie breaking the planks, shoot the zombie and repair the windows. This will come in very handy once you reach higher difficulty levels.

Be Quick and Agile
You need to have a quick movement speed and react faster to the incoming danger. Make sure there is space for you to fall back to and prepare for the next attack.

Get out of the house when you have enough points and stay away from the horde of zombies. If you get stuck in between multiple zombies, it is very difficult to get out alive from there.

Keep an eye out on the map so that you know where the zombies are coming from. Plan your attack accordingly and clear the path to retreat in case you get outnumbered.

Best Guns to Use
Any weapon will benefit you in this endeavor, however, we recommend Light Machine Guns for their large ammo count, and Assault Rifles for their increased damage.

PDW-57 and Ak117 are some of those weapons that provide a great balance between damage and ammo capacity. It is recommended to get your hands on one of these weapons.

As you progress further and further, the zombies’ HP increases, so you’ll need to either need a weapon with a high DPS rate, or a weapon that can unload a large number of bullets without stopping.

Buy Ammo For Your Guns
It only costs you 250 points to fill ammo for your weapons. Buy the ammo rounds so that you don’t run out of bullets in critical situations.

Use Revive Tokens When Needed
Each level gets harder and harder as you progress. You will get downed a lot and your teammates will not be able to revive you every time. This is where the Revive Tokens come in.

You can use the Revive Token to revive yourself once in the game. But when you use the token, all of your weapons will vanish. Save your Revive Token for the final stages of the game or when you believe that you need it the most.

Take your Time
Unlike previous versions of Zombies, Survival Mode does have a fixed time limit. This is due to the limited battery life of your phones; you have a total of 2 and a half hours.

That may seem like a lot but as things progress, the challenge will increase, and that 2 and a half hour cap will seem like a pipe dream.

It’s recommended that you tackle the waves slowly, don’t get too enthusiastic, and take your time when dispatching the enemy. As the levels increase, Zombies will get more and more difficult to kill. These tips will help you overcome the high difficulty rounds with ease