Call of Duty Mobile Zombies High-round Strategy Guide

Call of Duty Mobile brings everyone’s favorite game-mode Zombies to your very own handheld device. Albeit a bit more challenging and the fact that zombies are actually much harder to kill compared to the PC version of Zombies. If you are having some trouble reaching the higher rounds of the mobile version of Zombies, this Call of Duty Mobile Zombies High-round Strategy guide will detail you on a strategy that might be able to help you cut through the difficult horde of zombies through and through.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies High-round Strategy

The positioning has and will always be key to making it through the endless hordes of zombies in Call of Duty. It is recommended that you get used to the mobile control scheme in Zombies so you can move fluently and can kite zombies effectively, a little mishap is going to get you caught dead in zombies.

You will need to look out for what Perks you pick, the Buffs you choose and the Weapons you get if you are going to make it far. You have to make sure everything on your character compliments each other. Leave no bonus stat behind!

Manging the Perk Loadout
The mobile version of Zombies offers you unlimited perks, so you should go ahead and utilize that. These will be extremely important and will determine your fate in the later rounds of the game. We commend that you get the following perks:

  • Juggernog
  • Electric Cherry
  • Dead Shot
  • Speed Cola
  • Double Tap 2.0

If you are playing Quick Play, it is not recommended that you get Quick Revive, as when you get downed, you are required to use a token, which will have nothing to do with that perk.

Your Weapon Loadout
Throughout the game, your one true effort will be to get that sweet sweet Ray Gun (Honestly, is that not always the priority in every CoD Zombies), it is going to help you deal with hordes of zombies very effectively.


It will also help you activate your damage buffs mentioned above very easily and completely annihilate a ton of zombies at once.

You can use the RPD as your secondary weapon for early game and later on you can pick the BK-50 found in the hut.

The Buffs you need
These are extremely important, and you can only pick 3, so choose wisely. Picking the right ones will help you to get through wave after wave easily.

We recommend that you get the following buffs.

  • Attack Weaknesses – Increases damage dealt by 10 to 20%
  • Up and Up – Damage dealt by 6 to 8% for 3 seconds after killing an enemy, can stack up to 3 times.
  • Breakthrough – Increases HP by 10 to 20%

You can also go for Rapid Reload which increases your reload speed by 10% and increases headshot damage by 10%, which is a good trade-off if you feel like adjusting it in there with one of the three perks, but we do not recommend switching the HP perk out, as large hordes of zombies can really eat you up in an instant if you don’t have that extra health on your side.

Boss Rounds
During the boss rounds, either Avogadro or Brutus will spawn in.

If Avogadros start spawning in, make sure you take your Ray Gun up to them and kill them as fast as you can. Afterwards, proceed to take care of all of the zombies by utilizing the traps around you.

Should Brutus be the unfortunate one to spawn in, go ahead and just activate the Log trap and wait underneath it until he dies off.

Either way it is advised that you take care of the big boys at the start of the round, lest the zombies overwhelm you.

Managing your Ammo
You might find yourself low on ammo often. Just make sure that you utilize the traps every once in a while your ammo starts running a little too low.

Make sure your Ray Gun is always stocked before a boss round otherwise you might have a bit of trouble dragging yourself through a bunch of zombies accompanied by an Avogadro or a Brutus.

With this loadout set for your character, you should have no difficulty in making it to the late-game of Zombies.

It can be challenging, but with the right positioning and with the above mentioned perks and buffs by your side, you should have no problem dealing with the undead

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