Activision has Trademarked the ‘M’ in Call of Duty Mobile

Copyrights and trademarks are an odd business, especially when it comes to patent trolling or something like that. However, Activision seems to have hit a new low now that they’ve trademarked the M in Call of Duty Mobile, at least in the form of using it as any sort of game logo.

According to the official trademark document, the trademark for the letter M in this case falls under Mark Drawing Code 5, meaning words, letters, and numbers that are written in a stylized form. Call of Duty Mobile, with its distinctive “M”, falls under this category.

The world of video games is no stranger to the sort of chicanery that comes with trademarks. King, the developers of the popular mobile game Candy Crush and its derivatives, once attempted to trademark the word “Saga”, used at that point by Stoic Studios with the release of the first Banner Saga game. They would later attempt to trademark the word “Candy”.

Another instance was in regards to Edge Games, which attempted to sue any studio or game using the word “Edge” in its title in a classic example of patent trolling that eventually cost them everything. However, the M in Call of Duty Mobile’s trademark doesn’t appear to be focused that way.

While the letter “M” (stylized) seems like a very broad and far too wide-reaching distinction for a trademark, considering the code that it’s under, the trademark appears to be more related to stopping people from using Call of Duty Mobile’s logo.

The description of the mark supports this even further, as the description of the mark specifically points out the shapes making up the M, so this is less patent-trolling and more Activision wanting to make sure that the M in Call of Duty Mobile won’t show up on any other mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile is available to play on both iOS and Android.