Call of Duty: Mobile Best Loot Locations and Map Areas

Major aspect of Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode is the looting mechanic, where you loot weapons, armor pieces and healing items from different places throughout the map after you spawn. In this guide, we give you an overview of the Best Loot Locations in the game and tips on which map areas you should scavenge often.

Call of Duty: Mobile Best Loot Locations

In this guide, you’ll find out the best locations, spots and buildings in the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale map. To find the best loots, you’ll have to visit risky areas such as an area having the maximum number of players where you have a high possibility of being killed but the reward is worth the risk.

Launch is probably the busiest area situated on the center of the map because you’ll find many players in this location. This area consists of shacks, houses, tunnels and buildings and is known as the “Hot Drop Place” where you’ll find rifles and snipers. You can find the loot in an open area near the rocket, in an area going into the ground.

Crash is a very expanded area where you’ll find more buildings as compared to players. Simply land on top of a tall building, make your way down and fight other players after getting outside. In this area you’ll find a decent amount of loot due to the different spots you can obtain items from.

Bus Station
Bus Station is the most dangerous place to find loot because it is very busy with players and you’re most probably going to die if you are spotted. However, you can find a lot of loot in this area. So, visit this place at your own risk.

Sakura is a the most good-looking, quiet and less populated area in the COD: Mobile where you’ll find more loot than players. Simply land on tall places where you can see other players who want to kill you. If you compare Sakura with Crash, you’ll find a more expanded area with building in Sakura. Also, Sakura doesn’t have cliffs meaning you’re safe from getting sniped by snipers.

In COD Mobile, Pipeline is the most intense spot to find loot. You’ll find all the loot consisting of ammo in warehouses. However, there can also be a player who enters the warehouse the moment you stepped in so, get weapons fast and be prepared to fight the adversary.

Farm is the most recommended spot to find loot as compared to the above map in Call of Duty: Mobile. Farms has many towns close to each other and you’ll find tons of loot in each town you land on. There’s a less chance of you being killed since the players are not too close by. If possible, land on the western side of the city next to the farm, there you’ll find the most amount of loot in the game.

Shipment is close to the Seaside and linked with a bridge and is a decent spot to find loot, the most impressing thing about this location is the helicopter parked on helipad at the back of the location. These Helicopters help you go from place to place and make your traveling much easier.

Nuclear plant
Nuclear plant is an area at the end of the map having an impressive amount of loot and the chimneys have weapons and ammos in it. It consists of abandoned Nuclear plants and buildings; the plant can only be entered by one door therefore it is a very risky area because you never know when an adversary can come in and kill you.

This is it for the best loot locations in Call of Duty: Mobile. Let us know which area consists of the best loot in the game!

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