Leaked Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Internal Testing Playlist Reveals “Skill Based Matchmaking” Is Coming

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare might not be the best multiplayer game to release this year but Infinity Ward seems to be committed to the game and wants to bring new features to it. In an unexpected playlist update for the game on PlayStation 4, the developer accidently included a DEV Category of playlist testing to the public.

The DEV Category is for Infinity Ward or Activision employees only to test the new features and content before it is released to the public. In short, this category is not meant for the public players.

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However, the interesting thing about this playlist is that it reveals that Infinity Ward is testing SBMM(skill based matchmaking). If Infinity Ward is testing Skill Based Matchmaking, we can expect this feature to be implemented to the game in future.

Leaked playlist

In Skill Based Matchmaking, the game factors the skills over a good connection, meaning that players of the almost same level will be pitched against each other rather than player of any level can play against a player of level significant higher or lower than him.

Also, Activision has revealed that Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is the top selling game of 2016 in the US. The company also confirmed that all Of Duty franchise is the number 1 grossing console franchise for the 8th year in a row.

Call of Duty is retail’s #1 grossing console franchise in the U.S. for the 8th consecutive year and the boldly innovative Infinite Warfare is the #1 grossing console game of the year at retail in the U.S.

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is a first-person action shooter developed by Infinity Ward for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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