Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Characters Detailed at SDCC 2016

Since Infinity Ward revealed the new Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare gameplay footage during the Comic-Con 2016, the fan’s reactions are subtly changing in the favor of Infinite Warfare. This time the devs revealed new info about the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare characters that players will be able to play and those around them.

During their panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Infinity Ward introduced the complete cast of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, and gave us knew information about these characters.

Lets start with game’s main protagonist, Captain Nick Reyes, who is played by Brian Bloom. According to Infinity Ward, Reyes is a warrior, extremely loyal and believes in his cause. Reyes is the part of the special forces, he was promoted to Captain after his captain and XO of his ship get killed in action.


Next up is Lieutnant Nora Salter, played by Gray Hyder. Nora is Reyes’s partner and both of them have been partners and equal in rank until Reyes is promoted to Captain of Retribution. According to the devs, Reyes’s promotion causes some tension between them, as he becomes her superior and she is not comfortable with it. Both of them struggle with it through the whole game.

Salter also has a snack bar in her fighter, which is inspired by the fact that Jamie Gray Hyder has the habit of snacking a lot during filming.


Ethan is an artificial humanoid assigned to Reyes, Ethan is played by Jeffrey Nordling. While Reyes is fine with Ethan fighting alongside him, but certain people don’t accept him.

Ethan is one of a kind, he has curiosity about humans and has actual sense of humor. He constantly makes jokes, and messes with the heads of his companions. His sense of humor was given do that he can fit in with his companions.


Lastly Staff Sergeant Omar who is played by David Harewood. Omar is a good old fashioned soldier, as he is always first in the battle and last to come out. He is very loyal, and will fight anywhere no matter the place or circumstances.

Omar and Ethan also have some tension between them, as Omar takes his fighting business seriously, while Ethan jokes around a lot.


What do you think of these Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare characters? Let us know in the comments.

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