Call of Duty: Ghosts Strike Packages Guide – Kill Streaks and Point Streaks

Everything you need to know about the Assault, Support and Specialist Call of Duty: Ghosts Strike Packages.

The multiplayer of Call of Duty just wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t have kill streak rewards, so of course Infinity Ward did the right thing and brought them back in Ghosts.

In the new game, players have the option to choose from among 20 brand new kill streak rewards. Furthermore, as was in Modern Warfare 3, Strike Packages will be making a comeback. This will be splitting up the kill streaks into three types; Assault, Support and Specialist.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Strike Packages

Players can choose a number of killstreaks from one package for each of their ten soldiers in the Create a Soldier section. One thing to note is that the support streak count persists through death as most of their rewards are supportive in nature.

Following is the list of rewards, sorted into the killstreak package:

Assault Strike Package

SAT COM – Required: 3 Kills
This reward calls in a ground-based UAV.

I.M.S – Required: 5 Kills
Deploys an Intelligent Munitions System which drops an explosive charge whenever an enemy comes into range up to 4 times.

Guard Dog – Required: 5 Kills
Calls in a K-9 to guard you and attack enemies.

Sentry Gun – Required: 7 Kills
Deploys a turret that automatically fires at enemy units.

Trinity Rocket – Required: 7 Kills
Fires remote controlled rockets.

Vulture – Required: 9 Kills
Calls in a small AI drone that automatically fights enemies.

Battle Hind – Required: 9 Kills
Calls in a chopper that automatically fires on enemies while circling the map.

Gryphon – Required: 10 Kills
Allows you to pilot a flying mini-drone with an attached gun.

Juggernaut Maniac – Required: 10 Kills
Player receives an armored juggernaut suit as well as throwing and melee knives.

Juggernaut – Required: 11 Kills
Player receives an armored juggernaut wielding a high-powered minigun.

Helo Pilot – Required: 12 Kills
Pilot the AAS-72X into battle.

Loki – Required: 15 Kills
Launches a devastating barrage from the Loki Satellite.

Support Strike Package

SAT COM – Required: 4 Kills
Calls in a ground based UAV to detect enemy movements.

Ammo Crate – Required: 6 Kills
Deploys a crate of supplies for you and your team at the location.

Ballistic Vests – Required: 8 Kills
Deploys a bag of Ballistic vests for you and your team.

MAAWS – Required: 9 Kills
Rewards you with a powerful laser guided rocket launcher

Night Owl – Required: 10 Kills
Deploys a drone that travels with you, protecting you from explosions and detecting nearby enemies.

Support Squadmate – Required: 11 Kills
Calls in an AI controlled teammate wielding a riot shield that supports you.

Ground Jammer – Required: 12 Kills
Disables enemy ground communications and electronics.

Air Superiority – Required: 12 Kills
Calls in a fighter jet that attacks and destroys enemy aircraft.

Helo Scout – Required: 13 Kills
Calls in a player controlled helicopter that provides sniper support.

Oracle – Required: 14 Kills
Detects and displays enemies to you.

Juggernaut Recon – Required: 14 Kills
Deploys an armored juggernaut suit as well as some radar technology through care package.

Odin – Required: 16 Kills
Description. Calls in a support drop from the Odin satellite.

Specialist Strike Package

The Specialist Strike Package awards players an extra Perk for every successive kill. Perks reset on death.

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