Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Guide – Loadouts, Money, Hives, Weapons, Upgrades

Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction guide and tips to destroy all 14 hives and end the point of contact map. Tips on loadouts, money saving, weapons and upgrades.

The Extinction mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts can be considered a variant of zombies survival mode from Black Ops I and Black Ops II with aliens replacing zombies.

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Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Guide

Point of Contact is the first map with a total of 14 hives that you need to clear in order to end the game which makes it different from infinite zombies survival mode that you have been playing in the recent Call of Duty games by Treyarch but to compensate, Infinity Ward has made Extinction extremely difficult.

Players can play both solo and with their friends in Public Lobbies. And just like the multiplayer, players will have the option of customizing their Loadouts as per their preference.

Each player in the team of four can take up the role of Weapon Specialist, Tank, Medic, or Engineer; each having its own distinctive attributes.

Along with this, there are a number of Strike Packages, Equalizers, and Team Support at player’s disposal which he/she can deploy to get assistance.

The mode basically requires you to place a Drill at different alien hives (in order to destroy them) scattered throughout the map. The aliens will try to bring down the Drill, and it’s your duty to protect it. Failing to do so will finish the game.

As you progress through the game, the enemies will evolve and will become tougher.

As for the weapons, they are scattered throughout the map as they were in zombies. You will get money and points for killing the aliens and destroying the hives; these points can be used to level up different attributes of your class and get new kill streaks.

Unlike the zombies, there is no pack-a-punch machine to upgrade your weapon. However, there are certain weapon stashes scattered throughout the map which can be searched for weapon upgrades, ammo, and money.

In this guide, I will be covering various tips and strategies that you can used to help your team or you in a best way and stand a chance at annihilating those alien species.

Tips on Saving Money and Ammo

Extinction on co-op and Xbox Live is pretty easy as you have another player running around supporting you by providing ammo and other stuff. You can also watch each other’s back, which is quite a lot of help.

As for playing solo, there are a number of factors which you need to consider ensuring your survival. Two of these major factors are ammo and money. While playing the solo mode, you will realize that you run out of ammo in an instant.

The best weapons to use in Extinction Mode are shotguns, LMGs, and burst-fire weapons, which kill the enemies instantly. Once you have equipped your preferred weapon, knife the aliens if they come too close to you, which will shove them a few meters away giving you the perfect opportunity to hit your targets accurately.

The big aliens like Scorpions tend to have specific spots which they hop on to. Memorizing these spots will save you the hassle of following them around and takes them out easily.

The final tip that you can use is to buy Sentry Guns and I.M.Ss instead of throwing ammo crates. The Sentry Gun is controllable, and you will be able to kill enemies much quickly than with a gun.

In addition to that, these Guns and I.M.Ss are way too cheaper than throwing an ammo crate.

You also need to know that you can carry a maximum of 6,000 at a given time. If at this limit, you still keep on killing the aliens, you will not get any money. So, make sure you drop a few ammo crates or get some Score streaks.

As for the weapons, they are scattered throughout the map.

A useful tip regarding the weapon is that if you see a weapon highlighted as Orange; no need to go to it as you won’t be able to afford that weapon. However, if a weapon is highlighted as Blue, you would be able to get it.

How to Destroy Barrier Hives

Destroying Barrier Hives in Extinction Mode can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know what you need to do! For destroying these hives, you are provided support from a helicopter which continuously shoots at the hive.

However, the area is always swarming with Scorpions, which can easily take out the helicopter and even you. And as I mentioned before, there are certain specific spots, which are used by these Scorpions. For example, top of roof and ridges, neon-signs, etc.

To easily destroy these Barrier Hives, you need to pay heed to large Scorpions and not to the small aliens hopping around. Once you are done with the Scorpions, the rest of the Barrier Hive is easy to destroy, and you can shoot it along with the chopper to speed things up.

Another thing that you could do is to stack all the propane tanks in front of the Barrier Hive and blow them up in one go to deal a massive damage. You can also place a Grenade Sentry in front of the hive which is extremely powerful and handy.

Jumps, Safe Spots and Glitches

Soon after destroying the first hive, you will have to get to the area near a Motel neon-sign. In this area, there are a number of jump spots and invisible ledges which you can hop-up on and easily defend the Drill while taking out the aliens.

Mounted Turrets

While playing Extinction Mode, you will often come across certain Mounted Turret Guns that you would be able to use for $750. These guns have around 300 rounds and are far better than the regular guns scattered throughout the map.

However, the angles of these guns are limited, and you have to make sure that you have your primary all set up. These guns are excellent and come in very handy when taking out bad boys like Scorpions.

How to Kill a Rhino Easily

Rhino is the king of aliens!

Actually, no, but in Extinction, he may be kind of; because this bad boy is super-hard to kill. However, just like the other aliens, there are some weak spots, which can be shot at to kill it in an instant.

Before going into the detail, you do not want to shoot it in the arms as it is the area with maximum armor.

Besides, you should aim for its legs. And for even more damage, try aiming directly under its chin; the area with orange-reddish spot. Shooting it in this area will make it go down in no time.

How To Get Secret Weapons in Extinction Mode

While playing as the Team Support, you need to level up all the way to Level 18 and you will be provided with Random Supplies. Now, when you get the Random Supplies, you can throw them out and you might stumble upon some of the secret weapons that the game has to offer like SOFLAM and Hypno Knife.

This surely is not a hard and fast way but I have come across SOFLAM twice while playing the game.

Another thing that I have noticed is that the chances of getting these secret weapons increase with your level. So basically you need to play more to get these weapons without actually looking for them in scattered stashes.

SAFLAM is a secret weapon featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode. This weapon basically allows you to mark a target which is then destroyed by kind of an Air Strike.

This is pretty powerful weapon and can be used on Barrier Hives and other bunch of aliens aligned together. However, this weapon can only be received from the searchable weapon stashes that can be found throughout the map.

What attachment/weapon/ammo that you get from stashes is completely random. However, there is a hit-and-trial method that I will post below to get these secret weapons without looking for them.

Hypno Knife
Hypno Knife is a secret weapon in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Mode which is extremely rare and hard to find. However, you can stumble upon it at some points by searching the various objects scattered throughout the game mode.

Hypno Knife is just like a Throwing Knife from multiplayer mode, and it basically turns a hostile alien into a friend who would help you taking out other enemies. Since it is a very powerful weapon, we will not advise you to use it on the regular hopping aliens.

How to Upgrade Weapons

While playing the Extinction Mode, you will come across different objects scattered throughout the map which you will need to search to unlock different upgrades, attachments, ammo, and money.

Extinction Mode Loadouts – Weapons and Upgrades

Just like the multiplayer aspect of the game, Extinction Mode allows you to customize your character and Loadouts in any way you want. The four classes that you can choose from are:

  • Weapon Specialist
  • Tank
  • Engineer
  • Medic

Each of these classes has in-game upgrades available which can be taken by spending Skill Points. A brief overview of all the upgrades available to each of the class is given below:

Weapon Specialist

  • Upgrade #1: Swap weapons faster, faster movement while ADS
  • Upgrade #2: Faster ADS
  • Upgrade #3: Faster Reloading
  • Upgrade #4: 50% more damage done by bullets


  • Upgrade #1: 25% more damage with Melee Attacks
  • Upgrade #2: 50% more health
  • Upgrade #3: 50% more damage with Melee Attacks and 75% more health
  • Upgrade #4: 100% more Melee Attacks damage and health


  • Upgrade #1: Repair the Drill faster
  • Upgrade #2: Earn cash from traps
  • Upgrade #3: Long times for traps and less damage while repairing the Drill
  • Upgrade #4: Increased trap damage and store more cash


  • Upgrade #1: Move faster and take less damage while reviving teammates
  • Upgrade #2: Sprint for long and teammates near you will gain health more quickly
  • Upgrade #3: Less damage from gas clouds
  • Upgrade #4: Fast movement and unlimited health for teammates near you

Throughout the all 14 hives, you will not be able to swap your pistol for anything else. You can have any other weapon of your choice but it will always stay with you. Luckily, there are a total of four pistols that you can choose from as you level up. And each of these pistols has their own upgrades.

  • P226 Pistol – Default Unlock
  • .44 Magnum – Unlocked at Level 7
  • M9A1 Pistol – Unlocked at Level 13
  • MP-443 Grach Pistol – Unlocked at Level 16

You can throw the Ammo Crates for your teammates to pickup which refills the 40% of the max ammo of a particular weapon. And just like the pistols, there is a variety of ammo that you can choose from:

  • Regular Ammo – Default
  • Stun Ammo – Unlocked at Level 2
  • Incendiary Ammo – Unlocked at Level 12
  • Explosive Ammo – Unlocked at Level 20
  • Armor Piercing Ammo – Unlocked at Level 25

Team Support
Team Support is almost identical to Ammo Crates in a way as it helps them to get out of a tight spot. You can throw these Team Support crate by pressing Down on the D-Pad. The different type of Team Support packages that you unlocked by leveling up in the game are:

  • Team Explosives – Default
  • Feral Instincts – Unlocked at Level 4
  • Armor – Unlocked at Level 8
  • Team Booster – Unlocked at Level 14
  • Random Supplies – Unlocked at Level 18

An interesting thing about Random Supplies is that at certain points, Random Supplies award you with some secret weapons of the game like SOFLAM or Hypo Knife. The chances of getting these secret weapons increase with your level.

Just like the Multiplayer Mode, Scorestreaks determine which you can call in the battlefield. However, the number is reduced to only five. Scorestreaks can be used as a good alternative of your primary weapon if you are running low on ammo.

Some of these Scorestreaks are controllable and can be called by pressing ‘Right’ on the D-Pad. The five Scorestreaks that you can use are:

  • I.M.S – Default
  • Mortar Strike – Unlocked at Level 3
  • Trinity Rocket – Unlocked at Level 10
  • Sentry Gun – Unlocked at Level 22
  • Vulture – Unlocked at Level 28

The final part of your Loadout is Equalizers. Equalizers can be considered as Scorestreaks that you can deploy in the game by pressing ‘Left’ on your D-Pad. Equalizers are really handy for taking out Barrier Hives and things like that. As you progress through the Extinction Mode, you would be able to choose from the following Equalizers:

  • Mini-gun Turret – Default
  • Grenade Turret – Unlocked at Level 6
  • Crowd Control – Unlocked at Level 15
  • MK32 Launcher – Unlocked at Level 23
  • Death Machine – Unlocked at Level 29

Last Stand

When you take too much damage, you enter the Last Stand mode with only your pistol. While playing the solo, you automatically revive yourself after a few seconds. However, if you get downed again, the game ends. As for the revivals, you will be able to get a new revival after you destroy a Barrier Hive; these don’t stack up!

As for the co-op mode, you will have plenty of teammates to revive you. And in case, they are unable to do so and you bleed out, you will get into the Spectator Mode with a dogtag in your location. Your teammates will still be able to get you back but it will take a lot longer and you will lose $500.


There a a number of traps scattered in Point of Contact. Electric Fences and Fire Traps range from $300 to $700 and inflict damage on the aliens. These traps can save you a lot of ammo and come in very handy while defending the Drill.

Engineer class has an ability to make these traps last for longer durations, activate for cheaper prices, and do more damage to the aliens. You will also get a chopper to back you up but it cannot be used while destroying Barrier Hives.

Scavenge Items

While playing the Extinction Mode, you will come across some trash bags or small crates which can be searched for some items. Almost all of these items are really useful and some of them even get you secret weapons like SOFLAM and Hypno Knife. You will find a complete list of items that you should expect when searching:

  • Trophy System
  • Hypno Knife
  • Flares
  • Explosives
  • Thermal Hybrid Scope
  • ACOG Scope
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Grip
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Burst Rifle Attachment
  • Rapid Fire
  • Specialized Ammo
  • Ammo Clip
  • Cash

Don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies to end Point of Contact map in Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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