Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Hidden Gun Builds Guide

Our Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Hidden Gun Builds Guide covers a lot of hidden and unique gun builds you can create in Black Ops Cold War using the in-game gunsmith.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Hidden Gun Builds

Just like Modern Warfare, Cold War’s in-game gunsmith allows you to create some extremely rare weapon variations.

This sometimes leads to you discovering a whole new secret weapon in CoD Black Ops Cold War that Treyarch never told us about.

In this Black Ops Cold War guide, we will be covering a few of these secret weapon builds for you to equip and enjoy!

RPK 47 Build

Treyarch used the RPK 74 in Black Ops Cold War. To make the RPK 47, you have to take the AK47 and put the following attachments on it.

  • 20” Liberator – Barrel
  • 40 RND – Mag
  • Tactical Stock


The AUG – HBR was introduced in Modern Warfare 2 as a light machine gun, and you can make the same one here by putting the following attachments on the AUG.

  • 8″ Task Force – Barrel
  • Field Agent Foregrip – Under Barrel
  • 45 RND Drum – Magazine

It’s still a Burst-Fire weapon but gives you the proper Modern Warfare 2 vibe, which is always a good thing.

M-21 Build

The M-21 was introduced way back in COD 4, and since then, it has had some spiritual successors.

If you want to bring the old one back, all you have to do is put the following attachments on the DMR-14.

  • Hangman RF – Optic
  • 8″ Task Force – Barrel
  • SAS Combat – Stock

L96-A1 Build

The L96-A1 was the only Bolt Action sniper rifle back in Black Ops 1, and it’s fairly easy to recreate it here in BLOPS Cold War.

Put the following attachments on the LW3 – Tundra.

  • 2″ Extended Barrel
  • Marathon Stock
  • Bipod – Under Barrel

XM4- Carbine

The XM4- Carbine was an original and short-lived version which was eventually reworked into the M16-A2.

You can create the Carbine build by equipping the M16 with the following attachments.

  • 3″ Rapid Fire – Barrel
  • 45 RND – Magazine
  • SAS Combat Stock

MP5 – A3

You can make the original MP5 – A3 in Black Ops Cold War by selecting the MP5 that is available in-game and applying the following attachments to it.

  • 1″ Cavalry Lancer – Barrel
  • 40 RND – Magazine

While this may not be such a huge change but it does bring the gun closer to its original model.

AK 74 – Prototype

The AK74 went through a lot of changes during its production, but Cold War allows you to build the prototype version if you use the following attachments.

  • Muzzle Break 7.62
  • 2″ Takedown Barrel
  • Bakelite 50 RND Magazine
  • Duster Stock

M4-A1 Sop Mod

You can turn the XM4 assault rifle into a modern-day M4 by using the following build setup.

  • QUICKDOT LED – Optic
  • SOCOM Eliminator – Muzzle
  • 7″ Takedown – Barrel
  • Steady Aim Laser
  • Bruiser Grip


The M1-A is the civilian version of the M14 and is craftable in Cold War by using the DMR 14.

  • 3″ Titanium – Barrel
  • Raider Stock

The Stakeout

The Stakeout was the only pump-action shotgun in Black Ops 1, and you can relive those memories by recreating that gun here in Black Ops Cold War.

Use the Hauer 77 with the following attachments

  • 3″ HAMMER Forged – Barrel
  • No Stock

It’s not as good as the Vanilla Stakeout, but hey, at least the feel is there.

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