Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Strategy Guide – Best Landing Locations, Map Layout, Weapons, Items

Our Black Ops 4 Blackout Strategy Guide will help you learn all about Blackout weapons, perks, vehicles, tips and tricks to win, where to land, and more.

Call of Duty is finally aboard the Battle Royale hype train and that means that there are multiple new mechanics for all of the players to learn. Our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Strategy Guide will ensure that you are aware of all of the basics of the mode and have a baseline to build upon.

Black Ops 4 Blackout Strategy

This guide will be your one-stop solution for everything that is related to the Blackout Mode in BLOPS4.

Everything from the gear to how the game works will be explained in detail so that you are fully aware of everything that needs to be done in order to satisfy the win conditions.

We will start out by giving you various different tips and tricks on how to land at the start of the game followed by a detailed explanation of the gear and all of the weapons that are a part of the game mode.

After that, we will delve into the more advanced stuff and give you tips on how to get better at all of the minute stuff that ends up having a massive impact on your game.

How to Land Faster

Landing faster is essential as it allows you to have much better gear before your enemies are able to find it. Of course, you should always be vigilant of all of the players around you to gauge whether or not you will be able to land before them or not.

This will allow you to adjust how aggressively you want to play at the start and get better positions for engagements.

Managing Speed

This is very important, and something that players of all battle royale games should understand.

The best way to dive down is to go straight down until you have a speed of 60 m/s before changing your direction and heading to where you want to end up.

A speed of 60 m/s will allow you to go wherever you want since you will already have enough momentum built up to move faster. It will also make you quicker than everyone else around you (or equally as fast).

Aim for Lower Ground

This is something that most players already know but a few may not. If you are aiming for low ground, then you will move faster than everyone else around you due to the way that physics works.

This is especially important for game modes such as Solos in which a lot of players drop into the same area and getting down quickly is more important than ever.

Landing Tips and Locations

BLOPS4 Blackout works very similar to other Battle Royale games. For that reason, you can ensure the highest chances of success if you land at a place that does not immediately push you into battle.

Another important thing to remember is that you should land at a spot where you can gear yourself very quickly.

Of course, enemies at a higher frequency will visit this leads to a balancing act as any place that has good equipment for you to find.

It is best to experiment to see which locations have decent loot and yet, not as much competition so that you can move towards the mid game at your own pace.

Best Solo Landing Locations

There is no one location that is better than all others since the meta is constantly shifting. One rule of thumb that you can follow is to go as far away from the path of the helicopter as possible.

This will ensure that you do not run into conflict in the early stages where it is much less down to skill and more down to luck.

Best Teams Landing Locations

If you are a part of the team, then you have players around you who can protect you and offer support. For that reason, it might be viable for you to drop into places with good loot and equip yourself as well as possible at the beginning of the game.

It is also important to remember that all of you should land close to one another so that you are able to help one another out when the fights occur.


Let us go ahead and look at all of the gear that is available to you in the game. We will be briefly explaining the purpose of each piece of equipment as well so that you have a good idea of how useful it will be on the battlefield.



Item Description
First Aid Health +25
Med Kit Health +50
Trauma Kit Max Health + 50 Extra Health




Item Description
Light Armor 40% Damage Reduction
Medium Armor 50% Damage Reduction
Heavy Armor 65% Damage Reduction




Item Description
Concussion Grenade You stun and slow down enemies.
Trophy System Destroy enemy projectiles. However, there is a small chance of them going through undetected.
9-Bang Tactical Grenade that can emit multiple flashbangs.
Frag Grenade Grenade which spews fragmentation upon detonation, dealing good damage.
Cluster Grenade Grenade which detonates multiple times when it is cooked.
Grapple Gun Movement item you can use to get from one wall to the other.
Smoke Screen Smoke grenade’s fancy new name.
Mesh Mine A grenade fused through a tripwire.
Molotov Essentially a fire bomb which ignites a small area for a short duration.
Barricade Deployable cover which can be used defensively.
Combat Axe Throwable weapon dealing instant death. Can be retrieved for reuse.
Recon Car Scout car which is remote controlled. Can be retrieved for reuse.
Sensor Dart Reveals enemies nearby.
Razor Wire Damages enemies who cross through.
Cymbal Monkey Used for distraction.
Acid Bomb Sticks to the target, releasing toxic chemicals when it eventually detonates.


Map Layout and Locations

It should not come as a surprise that the entirety of Blackout map is made up from Multiplayer Maps featured in earlier COD installments. Fan-favorites like Turbine, Firing Range, Nuketown, etc. are all locations you can play in BLOPS4 Blackout.

Therefore, those of you who have played Multiplayer Maps featured in Blackout should feel right at home. But since it has been a while since (at least us) touched these maps, we thought it was a good idea to give you and ourselves a refresher of how to play on these maps effectively.

We will not only guide you on how to play these maps effectively but have also shared some long-forgotten jumps, spots, and locations that might come in handy.

This point on the map is found towards the extreme north. It is a mansion which has a lot of inspiration from the Raid map in Black Ops 2. The house in the map Stronghold is also quite nearby. This could be a good place to drop in, but there will be a fair bit of activity on this side of the map so you will still need to be conscious.

Blackout Estates

The location of this map makes it so that if you are able to survive the initial players who drop in, you will be heading to the late game with a fair bit of loot and a lot of protection since you will have ample time to make your way to the center of the circle.

Construction Site
This is the biggest point on the map. There are a lot of floors on this structure and that means that you will have ample opportunities to use almost every weapon available in the game over here. It is quite popular and thus you should avoid it unless you believe your skill and are willing to get right into the action as soon as the game starts.

Blackout Construction Site

Train Station
Train Station can be found towards the center of the map. There are a lot of trains everywhere which means you will have ample cover to work with. There is also a fairly large amount of loot within these trains which means that this area will be frequented by a lot of players. New players should definitely avoid them until they figure out how to adequately use the train carts for cover.

Blackout Train Station

Experienced players who are aware of the COD mechanics will be able to abuse this place quite well, as it allows for both short range SMG gameplay as well as long-range sniper rifles.

Hydro Dam
This is a direct tribute to the Hydro map from Black Ops 2. It has now been expanded and is quite larger than it was in its original form. This area is perfect for snipers, but that goes both ways and getting shot from behind is quite common here.

Blackout Hydro Dam

If you are someone who loves darting between the cover and using the long range of the map to its maximum effect, then you will feel right at home over here. Otherwise, it is best to stay away as most rifles will not be good enough for an area which has as many open spaces as this one.

Firing Range
This map is one of the most famous ones in all of the games that have been developed by Treyarch (bar Nuketown). People who played the original Black ops will be quite familiar with this one. The level of concentration required to perform well in this map is quite high as you could be taken down from pretty much everywhere.

Blackout Firing Range

There is a fair amount of loot to be found in here, so opportunistic players will quite likely drop in here looking for good loot and lots of enemies to kill.

This map is taken from World at War, one of the best and most highly rated games that have been a part of the series. There are zombies quite close to it in the graveyard. Make sure you do not get lost in the maze that is right beside the Asylum, as that will inevitably lead to your death.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Strategy

There is also a lot of opportunity for you here. There is a zombie mystery box quite close to the area which will guarantee you Level 3 armor along with a very effective gun.

This part of the map is very popular as well, which means that you should avoid going to it unless you are looking to kill some newbs. This area is quite close to Nuketown Island and can be used to snipe players who are walking around in there not expecting anything. The main building is still exactly the same but there are numerous smaller buildings around it to give the area a complete feel.

Blackout Array

This area is good because although it has a lot of players dropping into it, there is still a lot of cover for you to work with. It allows you to have close ranged and long ranged combat.

Nuketown Island
The most iconic map of the Black Ops series has its very own island to the west side of the map. This map is perfectly suited for close quartered combat and sniping is probably not the best way to go when playing it. On top of that, you need to be aware of players from afar sniping you as there is a lot of high ground to your east side.

Blackout Nuketown

This place is perfect to drop in for new players as it will give them enough leeway to engage with players but also understand the basics of the game. Just make sure that you do not stay out in the open for too long.

As the name suggests, there is a river that moves right beside this town. If you are looking to have some fun and right a speedboat while you gun down enemies, then this is a place where you want to be at. The area is not frequented that much and it should allow you to find a decent amount of loot before you venture out on the waters or on land.

Blackout Rivertown

Cargo Docks
This area has a lot of floors and is perfect for moving in it stealthily and surprising enemies. There is also a boat nearby which you can use for fights (you cannot drive it). If you are not satisfied, then you can also go to the Lighthouse nearby which has some very good close quartered combat waiting for you. It is also one of the areas which have a lot of zombies close by.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Strategy

The Lighthouse coupled with the Cargo Docks is an area that is packed with action and should satisfy every single whim of the player. It does not matter whether you are planning to gun down people at close range with a shotgun or knocking their heads off using a sniper rifle or take out a boatload of zombies. This area has you covered. The only thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that a lot of squads and players camp this area looking for easy prey.

Fracking Tower
This is an area which has little to no cover. Most of it is simply an open space with very little loot. What that means is that this area is probably not the best area to drop into. However, since all of the players are going to be thinking that, you might be the only squad or player that drops in here which will allow you to get a fair bit of loot if you scavenge the entire area.

Blackout Fracking Tower

Another very fun use of this area is if you have a long range rifle like a DMR or SR. Visiting this area in the middle of the game and camping here for a few minutes will allow you to get a few kills on people who are probably not expecting many people to be here.

Like the previous area and the one that follows after it, this is an area that you probably only want to visit when in the middle of the game rather than dropping in here. There are lots of other places around it where you can go and be much safer than you would be when hiding out in here.

Blackout Factory

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that it is so far away from any viable circle spot that you will need to move quite a bit to make sure that you do not end up dying outside the collapse.

The problems which plague Turbine are quite similar to the Factory. It is so far away from the remaining map that staying here for long periods at one time simply isn’t viable. To add to that, there is not that much loot that you can find here. Most of the area is just a vast open space which has some wind turbines coupled with a few buildings.

Blackout Turbine

The only reason for dropping into this spot is to have an extremely safe spot to farm some basic loot and then head into the other areas of the map in the mid game when the herd has slightly thinned out.

Best Loadouts

Now that you are aware of the weapons that are available for use, let us go ahead and look at some of the best load outs that you can use. We will be looking at a total of 2 different load outs.

One of them focuses on a more aggressive approach in which you will be moving around a lot and killing enemies, while the other one encourages you to stay on the fringes and stealthily eliminate your competition.

Aggressive Loadout
This loadout has you using the Vapr-XKG Assault Rifle. The rifle allows you to be effective in combat at all ranges and thus can be used both offensively and defensively.

The second weapon is the MX 9 Submachine Gun that essentially is a weapon that you will use when rushing enemies and getting up close with them. Remember to attach a fast magazine to your rifle to decrease the reload times in fights.

For your perks, it is best to have ‘Reinforced’ along with ‘Consumer’. This will ensure that you take less damage as well as are less susceptible to concussion effects.

At the same time, you will be able to use recovery items much faster which will ensure that you have a higher sustain and are able to effectively recover from engagements, ready to pursue another one.

Stealthy Loadout
This loadout relies on long-range engagements and has you playing a much more thoughtful game. You will need to rely on your positioning more than pure aim to take out enemies.

For your weapons, use the Koshka Sniper Rifle along with the Ray Gun for reasons that should be obvious to you. It is best to have a suppressor attached to your Sniper Rifle so that it is difficult for enemies to gauge where you are shooting.

For your perks, go with Dead Silence along with Iron Lungs. Dead Silence ensures that you can move around while making a minimal sound.

Although most of your fights will probably at a longer range than is required for this perk to be effective, you will eventually have to engage in combat at shorter ranges, where this will ensure that you are not easily detectable.

The second perk is Iron Lungs which allows you to hold your breath for a longer duration, quite self-explanatory.

Ray Gun

This weapon is something that has been a part of the game for quite some time. It has been used quite extensively in various different zombies mode in the Call of Duty franchise.

However, many people will not be aware of the usefulness of this weapon, and that is what we will address here along with how to get it quickly.

The Ray Gun is very powerful. It can take out fully armored enemies within 2 or 3 shots depending on where the enemies are hit.

Since the gun is classified as a pistol, switching to it is very fast and thus it can be a great backup weapon for snipers, as shown in our example loadout.

The high damage of the weapon ensures that you do not need to aim for the head and can easily get chest shots.

There are also certain limitations to this weapon. One of the main ones is the fact that the fire rate is quite slow, so if you do manage to miss, then you will run into many problems.

It also has blast damage that means that you can do damage to yourself or your squad mates in close quarter combat. Lastly, the gun cannot be reloaded.

How to Get the Ray Gun

There are multiple ways for you to get the Ray Gun. One of them is through zombies. Killing zombies gets you a variety of items, one of which is the Ray Gun.

Zombies are quite hard to kill and you will make a lot of noise in the process so be careful. Zombies will also get you other items such as Essex Model 07, Cymbal Monkey and Zweihander.

The Mystery Box is another way through which you can get the Ray Gun. They appear in areas that have zombies and can contain other weapons such as the GRAV.

A pillar of light followed by a thunder will indicate the location of the box, but be careful since many players will be trying to get to the same Mystery Box which you are aiming for.

General Tips and Tricks

Let us go ahead and take a look at some random tips and tricks that will help you with Call of Duty Blackout.

Although conventional video game wisdom may dictate that you should aim for the head, it is best to aim for the chest since that still does a decent amount of damage but it also allows you to have a much bigger target area.

Although there will be aiming gods that get headshots every time, the best course of action is still to aim at the chest for most new players.

It is important to make sure that an area is clear before you sprint into it. Scout the area thoroughly before you head in. In close quarters, it is good if you use a grenade to clear out that blind spot before you head inside.

Crouch while running to perform the slide. It can be used to avoid bullets when people start shooting at you and can be used to get from cover to cover.

Reloading makes a lot of noise and can make you unable to use a weapon for the duration of the reload. For that reason, always make sure that you can safely reload before you do so.

Switching to your other weapon in intense moments is almost always the better course of action.

That is all we have for our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Guide for now. Remember to check back at a later date when we add more info. For now, let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!

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