Call Of Duty 2020 May Be A Call Of Duty Cold War Game, Says Rumors

The 2020 Call of Duty may be a Call of Duty Cold War game, according to rumors being spread by one alleged insider named Okami.

Rumors have circulated for a while that the 2020 Call of Duty game from Treyarch will be a Call of Duty Cold War game, putting players in an era of history that the franchise has never really explored. At the same time, nothing is confirmed yet so we’ll have to wait.

The alleged leak comes from a person named Okami, who had previously been accurate on Call of Duty information before, such as Warzone. He posted a fake box-art mock-up to his Twitter, though of course there’s no actual box art yet.

Treyarch’s previous work in the Call of Duty franchise, the Black Ops series, had an awkward relationship with the Cold War to begin with. While many levels during the games focused on a number of areas during that time period, such as Vietnam, Angola, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and more, that was never really the focus.

Instead, the focus was more on Cold War intrigue, specifically as players attempted to hunt the Colombian drug lord Raul Menendez, and before him, the Soviet scientists of Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner, while also dealing with Alex Mason’s Soviet-induced brainwashing.

Call of Duty Cold War could bring us into the war side of the Cold War, perhaps putting characters in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and other hotspot conflicts in the various proxy wars fought between NATO and the Soviet Union. This does, of course, also carry the risk of controversy due to many things that happened in that time.

Nothing has actually been revealed about the game, either. For all we know, Treyarch could be distancing itself from anything Black Ops related and make a game that’s nothing like the alleged Call of Duty Cold War leak at all.


Since there’s no official announcement date yet along with no release date, all that matters at the moment is what Treyarch actually says when they and Activision announce the game, whenever that happens.

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