Call of Cthulhu Collectibles Locations Guide

Having trouble collecting all of Call of Cthulhu collectibles? Need those collectibles achievements really bad? We have all of that covered, here, in this CoC Collectibles Locations Guide.

Call of Cthulhu Collectibles Locations

Call of Cthulhu is a game of wits and sanity but there are sometimes that a man must leave his own worries and try to find souvenirs for his beloved. CoC features several Collectibles that can be found pretty easily.

But if you are having problems finding any of the collectibles, fret not. Our guide is here to help you find these collectibles.

Unholy Knowledge Books

Finding all the unholy books will unlock the achievement ‘Complete Revelation’. You can find the unholy knowledge books below:

  • In Sander’s Manor, you’ll find an unholy book near a cat. Hmmm, I knew cats were evil.
  • Head inside Drake’s shop, and you’ll find an unholy book stashed away in a wooden box.
  • In Dr. Fuller’s Office, you can find an unholy book on the table with the lamp. Someone’s having sleepless nights.

Margaret Wyckwood’s Memories

You’ll earn the achievement ‘Detective Historian’ for finding all of Margaret’s memories. Margaret Wyckwood’s memories can be found in the following locations:

  • As soon as you enter the secret cave of the cultists, you will find the first memory on the ground.
  • In Sander’s manor, in the room with a cat.
  • Enter Algernon Drake’s shop. As soon as you enter the shop, you will find the memories on the left side.
  • Head inside Dr. Fuller’s office. The memory will be located inside a drawer.
  • In Whaling Station, you will find the memory inside the drawer to the bottom.

Murals of the Disappeared Tribe

Collecting all of the murals will award you with the achievement ‘The Shadow Out of Time’. All the murals of the disappeared tribe are listed below:

  • After your first Hallucination, stay close to the walls and you’ll eventually find the mural.
  • Enter the save cave of the cultists. You will find five different murals on the walls of the cave. The final mural can be found when you are leaving the cave.
  • When the game is about to end, you will find a mural on a rock wall.

Blue Bottles

You’ll earn ‘The Most Trivial Object’ achievement for finding all these bottles.

  • Pierce’s Office, head in there. You’ll find a bottle on top of books on a table.
  • In Warehouse no. 36, you’ll find a bottle.
  • In Hawkin’s Manor, when you enter Simon’s room, you’ll find a table with this bottle on top of it.
  • The hospital should have a bottle. Enter the hospital, head for the Kitchen and enter the room beside it.
  • In Sanders’ manor, enter the room with the cat and you’ll find the bottle on the table.
  • Algernon’s room looks suspicious Head inside Algernon Drake’s room, and the bottle’s available inside a drawer.
  • In Dr. Fuller’s Office, the bottle can be found inside a drawer.

Sailor’s Chest

  • While inside Whaling station, you’ll find the Sailor’s chest in the corner of a room. Open it.

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