Call Of Duty: WWII Will Not Be About “An American War”, Players Will Also Play As A French Resistance Fighter

With the reveal of Call Of Duty: WWII details about multiplayer, zombies mode and co-op mode have been pouring in. Now more details regarding Call Of Duty: WWII singleplayer campaign have been revealed, which will include quite a diverse cast to reflect the “global cause” of World War 2.

Speaking with Gamesradar, Sledgehammer Games’ co-founder, Michael Condrey, talked about the Call Of Duty: WWII singleplayer campaign and its diverse cast of characters. During the reveal event, Condrey showcased a concept art panel for the game that showcased black soldier, several women, a German SS officer, and a child.

When asked about the extended cast of Call Of Duty: WWII, Michael Condrey said that he really wanted to capture the feel of the World War 2 being a global cause, and the singleplayer campaign is not just about an American war and players will see the struggles of both sides.

During the event, the devs only confirmed one additional character as playable so far, Rousseau, a French Resistance fighter. According to Condrey, “that moment where you join with the French Resistance is a really nice moment”. He added that while players will be able to play the french resistance woman, but mostly the players will stick to 1st Infantry Division, as player character hopping breaks the immersion.

Sledgehammer Games has also revealed that Call Of Duty: WWII will feature a new addition to the franchise, Headquarters, which is the place for the players to socialize that will feature “recognition and awards”. However, it is currently unknown what these rewards will be.

Call Of Duty: WWII is a first-person action shooter in development at Sledgehammer Games and is scheduled to launch on November 3, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also, PS4 owners will have 30 days early access to the game’s expansions and DLCs.

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