Call of Duty WW2 Playstation 4 Pro Version Will Look Amazing

Sledgehammer COO Michael Condrey has said that the Call of Duty WW2 Playstation 4 Pro version will “shine like a new penny” on the Playstation 4 Pro, meaning we can expect the game to look even more amazing than it already does when it finally comes out on November 3, later this year.

With all of the graphical improvements that the Playstation 4 Pro will offer, not to mention how good Call of Duty WW2 already looks, Condrey is confident that the system’s new animation system, the new facial system, the new rendering physics system, and more will all help to make the game look even better than it will on the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The Call of Duty WW2 Playstation 4 Pro version will need the extra power of the Pro if it wants to be able to reliably do everything that it’s promising. The game’s Headquarters, intended as a lobby for the game’s multiplayer, will be able to hold 48 players, who will be able to practice shooting, using their scorestreaks, or fighting each other one-on-one.

That’s not even getting into all of the different things you’ll be able to do when the game actually launches. Whether it’s all of the new maps, all of the game modes, the game’s new War gametype in multiplayer, or Sledgehammer’s version of the Nazi Zombies minigame, there’s going to be plenty for players to do in the game.

And all of that is going to look a lot better with the Call of Duty WW2 Playstation 4 Pro version, which will have not just its own state of the art engine, but also the added power of the Playstation 4 Pro to go along with it.

Call of Duty WW2 will be available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC when it releases on November 3. The PC open beta is running now.