Call of Duty WW2 Heroic Actions Guide

Call of Duty WW2 heroic actions guide will discuss one of the new features of this game, where you can perform Heroic Actions for your team and yourself. Call of Duty WW2 Heroic Actions are part collectible for each level and part power-up you can get for your team.

Heroic Actions aka Heroic acts are found at different points in Call of Duty WW2. There are three different types of Heroic acts in Call of Duty WW2 and how you handle each situation will determine if you are able to complete them. Your reflexes and quick judgment will play a role here.

The following information will help you complete and understand Call of Duty WW2 Heroic Actions.

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Call of Duty WW2 Heroic Actions Guide

There are many different types of Heroic Actions players can perform in WW2. These are similar to older COD games but with a different spin and you get more out your actions. For example, you can kill an enemy who is in the process of killing a fellow soldier. Another example is of Heroic Actions is one where you don’t kill enemies that are in the middle of surrendering.

There is always a limited amount of time to complete the action. If you wish to kill someone, do it before the time runs out. Same in the case if you’re not going to kill someone.

To complete the Heroic Action you need to kill the enemy with a marker on his head. But keep in mind that those surrounding would raise their arms and you need to recognize this actions quickly. Once you successfully recognize the surrender you need to keep your weapon raised and move toward the enemy to complete the action.

Other actions include players making sure their teammates reach a safe position after they are downed by the Germans. Downed teammates are not shown on the map; use headphones to improve your sound quality that will allow you to hear hurt squad mates screaming in the area.

All the achievements and their possible locations are as follows:

I’ve Got You! – Drag 9 allies to safety.

  • Mission Name: Stronghold, as you approach the church.
  • Mission Name: S.O.E, after exiting the second house you will find an injured ally in the street.
  • Mission Name: Liberation, after you detonate the explosives and make your way through the streets, near the wide bridge will be a downed resistance fighter.
  • Mission Name: Collateral Damage, after the tank section, help an ally in the confrontation with machine gunner.
  • Mission Name: Death Factory, when enemy uses a smoke screen look for an ally that needs help.
  • Mission Name: Death Factory, encountering sniper fire, you will need to get an ally into cover, rushing to help him will probably have you killed instead use a smoke grenade if you have one hopefully.
  • Mission Name: Hill 493, approach the machine gunners through the left most trench to find the injured ally.
  • Mission Name: Battle of the Bulge, When you’re told to Form Up on the Center Line, look for a downed ally near the middle of your trench
  • Mission Name: Ambush, right at the start when attacking the convoy, look for an ally getting hit near you and help him.

Quarter Given – Get 4 groups of enemies to surrender.

  • Mission Name: Operation Cobra, After you’ve left the house and cleared out the enemies in the next field full of haystacks, run to the forest path ahead and aim your weapon at the soldiers to make them surrender.
  • Mission Name: Operation Cobra, After dealing with the artillery guns, follow your tank and drop down into the trench then turn right, the enemies ahead will be ready to surrender.
  • Mission Name: Liberation, heading upstairs while clearing the Garrison, you will enter a room in which after taking out the first few soldiers the rest will surrender.
  • Mission Name: The Rhine, in the first tower, on its third floor is a group of 4 enemies, shoot at them to injure or kill one or two and allow the rest to surrender.

Rescuer – Save 10 allies locked in struggle.

  • Mission Name: D-Day, after clearing the first bunker, follow the trench towards the next one and shoot the enemy on the left before they can kill your ally.
  • Mission Name: D-Day, when you enter the fourth bunker go down the first corridor quickly to kill the soldier that has your ally up against the wall.
  • Mission Name: Operation Cobra, After using a tank as cover to push into the next area, look for a tunnel entrance to the left and shoot the enemy inside attacking an ally.
  • Mission Name: Collateral Damage, Immediately after you squeeze through the barricaded door, look for an ally that needs help in the next room.
  • Mission Name: Collateral Damage, when you blow up the wall to storm the Hotel, push through the back door to find an ally in need.
  • Mission Name: Death Factory when you reach the Mill area, enter the large building on the left then look down to the lower passageway and shoot the soldier attacking your ally.
  • Mission Name: Hill 493 After placing the first thermite charge on the tank, sprint into the bunker on the far side of the area and rescue
  • Mission Name: Battle of the Bulge, at the end of the mission when you need to regroup with Pierson, look for an ally that needs help.
  • Mission Name: Ambush, after the first sniping section you’ll drop down to an area with a barracks, look for an ally being held at gun point by a couple of soldiers.
  • Mission Name: The Rhine, when you get off the AA gun, jump into and follow the trench to where your ally is struggling and carefully take out the aggressor

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