Call Of Duty Warzone Hackers Hamstrung By Security Change

A security change has left Call of Duty Warzone hackers hamstrung by removing their ability to hack and steal accounts without being banned.

A new security change in regards to Call of Duty: Warzone has apparently gotten hackers wrong-footed. The security change is something like a captcha system that targets the systems that hackers normally use to get into other peoples’ accounts, leaving Call of Duty Warzone hackers much more vulnerable than they were before.

Some hackers in Warzone can break into the accounts of other players, taking control of them and even sometimes selling them off to other players for money. However, the security change’s intention is to allow the Warzone team to track accounts and spoofs. When they find the hacker responsible, that person is banned immediately.

While it may not curb the hacking issue entirely, it has dealt a pretty serious blow to the industry. Since hackers now have their programs being watched for and very traceable, they either have to write entirely new programs or be much more careful in how they go about it, which should lessen the amount of hacking incidents.

Call of Duty Warzone hackers normally partake in selling accounts by selling them to the highest bidder. If the account has a high enough level, the people that buy them can get into the game immediately with all of its content unlocked, rather than having to work their way up the ladder.

It’s essentially a form of pay-to-win microtransactions, except more expensive for all involved and far more nefarious than even the most egregious Electronic Arts game. How much these accounts can be sold for also depends on the amount of content unlocked. Some can even go for as high as $2,000.

Various hacking Discord servers that sell these stolen accounts have had to change their makeup as well. Several now exclusively offer unlocking services for various weapons, and have said that they won’t be getting any more hacked accounts to sell due to the security changes, so clearly Activision struck a serious blow.

Hopefully this will lead to a big change in the Call of Duty Warzone hackers scene. With services hackers can offer hamstrung so much by this security change, plus new measures to protect against cheating, they’ll likely be far more low-profile on how they go about advertising their services.

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