Call of Duty Heroes has $100 In-App Purchase!

It’s called Prestige Celerium Pack.

While the mobile game is a free to play title, Activision has done whatever they can to monetize it.

Call of Duty Heroes was released for some of the handled platforms i.e. iOS and Windows 8 couple of hours ago (with the Android version in the waiting), and so I decided to check it out.

The two things you will notice right away are the level of Clash of Clans likeness that it has, and the priced up microtransactions. Other than the $100 in-app purchase – which by the way is currently listed among the top in-app purchases in iTunes – there are numerous other options.

These include the Medium Celerium Pack ($5), Large Celerium Pack ($10), Extra Large Celerium Pack ($20) and Hardcore Celerium Pack ($50). Oh and Celerium is the main currency in the game.

Now we do understand that microtransactions are supposed to be a part of the mobile games that are free to play; that is how the financial model works. However, if the developers are going to put such huge price tags on the in-app purchases why not drop the F2P from the game description right away.

That being said, Call of Duty Heroes brings you returning characters from the previous games in the series like Captain Price, Soap MacTavish, and Mike Harper.

It is a 3D strategy game where you build from scratch and construct your base, buy in weaponry like SAM turrets, sentry guns and dozens of upgradeable structures. Once you are strong enough you attack and take over!

Have you played the game yet? If not, do try it and let us know if you found the in-app purchases to be a barrier.

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