Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction MayDay Schematics Locations Guide

There are 10 Schematics in Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation Extinction Episode #2 Mayday.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction MayDay Schematics Locations

These Schematics tend to provide players with weapons and traps, which put them at a huge advantage against aliens.

In order to craft Schematics, you will need certain items, which can be found in the Searchable Items scattered in different locations.

Note that the locations of building parts are completely random and cannot be provided. As for the Schematics, their locations are provided below:

Sticky Flare
It is located in the starting area. Just head up the stairs on the left and it will right in front of you.

Required Items: Fuse, TNT, and Resin

Pipe Bomb
It is also located in the same location as the Sticky Flare; right next to it. The items required to craft it are provided below:

Required Items: Fuse, TNT, and Pipes

Hypno Trap
After encountering the Tentacles for the very first time, you need to head inside the nearby room and it will inside.

Required Items: Biolum, Cell Battery, and Pressure Plate

Tesla Trap
This is also located in the same room as Hypno Trap; right next to it. Depending upon the type of Battery used, you can craft three types of Tesla Traps which are Basic TT (Cell Battery), Medium TT (Liquid Battery), and Advanced TT (Nucleic Battery).

The items required to craft it are:

Required Items: Amolecular Magnet, Wires, and Nucleic Battery

There are four types of Venom-X that you can craft depending upon the type of Biolum that you have. There is Blue Venom-X, Pink Venom-X, Orange Venom-X, and default Venom-X. Refer to the video provided for the location of Venom-X buildable.

Required Items: Nucleic Battery, Deactivated Venom-X, and Biolum

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