Call Of Duty 2020 Game Appears To Be Called Black Ops: CIA According To Splash Screen

A splash screen hidden behind the Call of Duty 2020 “The Red Door” alpha has apparently finally named the Treyarch Call of Duty game that is supposed to be coming out at some point this year. The game is apparently called Call of Duty: Black Ops: CIA, though nothing’s confirmed yet.

The news came from TheGamingRevolution on Twitter, a known leaker of multiple gaming projects. Though the source of the pictures is someone different, TGR managed to get them out onto the wider Twitter website for any Call of Duty fans following him to see.

It’s been a subject of multiple rumors for a while now that the Treyarch Call of Duty game for this year would be a Black Ops reboot, the same way that Infinity Ward’s most recent Call of Duty game was a Modern Warfare reboot. However, this is the first semi-confirmation we’ve gotten from it.

Even though the Call of Duty 2020 splash screen is accessible, that’s as far as you go. People who have tried to click on the alpha have been stuck on that screen and unable to move on to the actual game, so it’s likely that the alpha isn’t ready yet.

Microsoft may very well be holding off on revealing it until their Xbox Game Showcase next Thursday, when they’ll announce that the alpha is open and playable, but until we actually know for sure when it will be available, Call of Duty fans will have to wait and be patient.

Considering how good the Call of Duty Modern Warfare reboot turned out to be, hopefully Call of Duty 2020 can be just as good, especially considering how popular the Black Ops games were in their heyday. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for more information, but in the meantime we’ll just have to wait and see what else the Summer of Gaming brings.


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