Who Wants to Buy an Xbox One White for $2600 Only?

You would all remember the Day One Edition Xbox One White models that were gifted to Microsoft employees on November 22. Of course who would forget, we had people drooling to get one for themselves. Now, listings have appeared over eBay where the same white consoles are being sold for enormous prices.

For instance, there is this Xbox One White that is currently available for purchase at a price of $2600. Yes, that is correct, the console is being sold for six times more than that the price of a regular Xbox One.

For those who don’t know, the console comes with an “I made this” logo on it. Of course the machines were gifted to employees at Microsoft for recognition of their work.

The description even reads:

“These are not available for retail sale; they were only given to the Xbox employees who worked on it.”

In case you are wondering who would pay that much for a mere console; previously, a console was sold by Marc Whitten in November for $3300 and this was followed by Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson auctioning his Xbox One White. Can you guess how much was it being bid for at that time? $11,300!

Coming back to what is going on now, the $2600 console isn’t the only Xbox One White that is up for sale, there are others that are priced slightly lower and even some that cost as much as $3000.

So who wants an Xbox One White?

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