Cryptokitties Guide: How To Buy Cryptokitties, Buying Ethereum, MetaMask Wallet

In this Cryptokitties guide, we are going to going to answer the question; How To Buy Cryptokitties? Ever since they came onto the scene CryptoKitties has taken the world by storm. These virtual cats are being considered as the new Pokemon GO with adorable kittens coming to our screens.

Collectable, breed-able and so adorable, who would not want to be an owner of these precious little angels? If you are thinking of becoming a new Cryptokitties owner please read these steps so you may get familiar with the working of this game.

How To Buy Cryptokitties Guide

The following are the steps that you need to following in order to buy your first Cryptokitty. Follow the 4 simple steps and by the time you are done you should be set up.

How To Buy Cryptokitties Step 1: Install the MetaMask extension from Google Chrome

This is the easiest way to connect your Ethereum blockchain as this is a digital wallet allowing you to make smart transactions and make contracts. Check out this link.

For a brief tutorial on MetaMask check out the video below:

How To Buy Cryptokitties Step 2: Buy Some Ethereum

Ethereum also referred to as Ether or ETH is the Crytokitty currency and must be purchased in order to become a kitty owner. Get a sense of how much Ether you want to spend by browsing the Crytokitty marketplace. Get acquainted with the prices of the kitties up for sale.

Also, note that the sales work in a diminishing price format. This means that over time the price of a kitty falls if no one purchases it. So a kitty for 2 ETH will end up being at 1 ETH after 24 hours.

Once confident enough, purchase your required Ether. Metamask has an option that allows you to buy directly from Coinbase.

Buy Cryptokitties guide

How To Buy Cryptokitties Step 3: Send the purchased Ether to your MetaMask wallet

If you don’t understand how digital wallet works write down these pointers. Cryptocurrency uses a different mechanism from what you’re used to. It’s called a key pair. Therefore, one long string of characters is your public address and another long string, your private key.

These keys are like your home address and the key that opens your front door. Thus everyone knows your public address, they can find it online. But your private key, that’s the key to your home. Keep it safe! Do not give it to anyone!

It is with your private key that you can access the funds connected to your public address. Once inside MetaMask, copy your public key and paste it into your Coinbase wallet. In this way, you send Ether you bought from Coinbase to your MetaMask wallet.

See the following video to get familiar with the process:

How To Buy Cryptokitties Step 4: Sign In and Buy Your Crytokitty

With your digital wallet full of Ether you’re ready to be a happy owner of a Crytokitty. Visit their website and click on “Sign In”. You’ll notice that instead of signing in there, you’ll be asked to sign into your MetaMask account instead. Provide the details and you’re ready to go shopping for the most adorable kitty in the world!

Once you select the kitty you want, a MetaMask pop-up will appear with a confirmation screen and a bunch of numbers. For the most part, you can leave them by default but make sure that the “Max Total” is close to what the listed kitty was. There is a fee that every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain requires to pay so the total will be a little more than what Cryptokitties is for.

Remember that some transactions may fail as other people may also be bidding for the Cryptokitties. This will cause you to lose some Gas, therefore, look for the less trafficked kitties. If all goes without a hiccup, you will have become a successful owner of a Cryptokitties by now. Welcome Aboard!

Let us know what you think about Cryptokitties and how the game is working out for you.

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