Bungie’s Destiny Twitter Account Has Been Hijacked By Destiny 2 Villain

It’s International Women’s Day today, and apparently a major antagonist in Destiny 2 has decided to celebrate by taking over the Destiny Twitter account. This likely doesn’t mean anything for the grander game as a whole, and is more likely to just be a fun way to celebrate the day.

The villain that has hijacked Destiny’s Twitter page is Caiatl, whom players of the game would recognize as the self-proclaimed Empress of the Cabal following the death of Dominus Ghaul in the base game. She’s come to the Solar System at the start of this season to help fight the Darkness…as long as the Guardians kneel to her and pledge their allegiance.

Obviously, the Guardians have refused. Since then, they’ve been fighting the Cabal again, as well as the forces of the Pyramids and Taken, while the Hive god Xivu Arath prepares to invade the system as well. For now though, Caiatl herself appears to simply be trolling.

Her posts on the Destiny Twitter account are mainly Cabal-related, whether trying to persuade players to join with the Cabal or showing various Cabal iconography. It’s not limited to Twitter, either; the other official Destiny pages such as Facebook are facing similar takeovers.

While this could all end up being turned into some kind of promotion for Cabal-related gear in Destiny 2, the Season of the Chosen is still running and thus may just be a further promotional thing to help put the season together, especially since Caiatl is one of the main antagonists.

Since International Women’s Day is only for one day, Caiatl may end up releasing the Destiny Twitter account at some point by the end of today. Whether or not she tries anything else in the future remains to be seen, but until then you can take part in the season’s Battlegrounds events to really take it to the Cabal.