Bungie Looks To Be Working On A New Destiny IP

It strongly appears that developer Bungie has finally returned to chalk out a new Destiny game in the franchise but which may not be a direct sequel.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, principal producer Donya Shirzad shared a new job listing which sees Bungie seeking an executive producer “to help build a team supporting international partners working with the Destiny IP.”

The listing furthermore states that the applicant will be “making a great Destiny experience for players, optimized for platform and market territories, and upholding the Destiny IP pillars and brand.”

It should also be noted that Shirzad mentions herself to be “producing future Destiny games” at Bungie and the new job listing clearly elaborates on that to some degree. The only problem is that this new Destiny game might not be the anticipated Destiny 3 sequel. The job listing requires experience in “delivering triple-a or large mobile games” and “working on games as a service.”

The breadcrumbs for the time being make the new Destiny game appear to be a mobile spin-off. However, Bungie may as well be working on Destiny 3 as well as a companion mobile version on the side.

Expecting an announcement for Destiny 3 right now would be a mistake by fans. Destiny 2 was released in 2017 and is still going strong thanks to the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions. Beyond Light, the last expansion, was released just last year and there is still The Witch Queen expansion coming in early 2022 and Lightfall in early 2023. Destiny 2 hence still has a lot of life left in itself and the active player-base proves that as well.

That being said, Bungie may as well be getting ready to work on a sequel or a new Destiny game just the same with a smaller team.

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