Bungie Takes Legal Action Against Users Behind Fake Destiny DMCA Strikes

Bungie wants to make an example out of a group of anonymous users who impersonated the Bellevue-based developer to issue takedowns against several Destiny content creators on YouTube in the past couple of weeks.

According to a report by TorrentFreak earlier today, Bungie has filed a lawsuit against nearly a dozen culprits for disrupting its online Destiny community of players and streamers and causing “nearly incalculable damage” in the process.

“This [attack] caused Bungie significant reputational and economic damage, for obvious reasons,” noted Bungie. “The Destiny community was bewildered and upset, believing that Bungie had reneged on a promise to allow players to build their own streaming communities and YouTube channels on Destiny 2 content.”

The lawsuit also points out that the culprits “were able to [send fraudulent notices] because of a hole in YouTube’s DMCA-process security, which allows any person to claim to be representing any rights holder in the world for purposes of issuing a DMCA takedown”.

Bungie currently does not know the identities of the users behind the attack but has begun an investigation to track them down. The developer intends to seek “damages and injunctive relief, including enhanced statutory damages of $150,000 for each fraudulent takedown notice”.

Several high-profile Destiny content creators such as MyNameIsByf and Aztecross had their Destiny-related videos flagged on YouTube for infringing copyrights. Considering that the content was the same as always, there was no reason why they would be infringing on any copyrights.

Bungie confirmed at the time that none of its partners, including itself, was behind the surprising series of DMCA takedowns. It was revealed after a quick investigation that the developer was being framed by a group of users out there.

Elsewhere, Bungie continues to work on its unannounced third-person action game that is speculated to be a character-focused online shooter with competitive multiplayer elements.

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