Bungie Is Trying Hard To Make Destiny 2 Great According To Sandbox Lead

After the bumpy release of Destiny 2: Warmind, Bungie is once more realizing that they’ve let fans down. According to the studios’ sandbox lead, Bungie is trying hard to “bring the hobby back” but should the fans believe it this time?

After sandbox lead Josh Hamrick’s enthusiastic tweet about the release of Destiny 2: Warmind, some of the fans weren’t too thrilled about the issues caused and the lack of original content in it. One fan, in particular, stated that Bungie has “dropped the ball” putting Hamrick in a position of having to speak on Bungie’s behalf. He responded:

I honestly understand why you feel that way Jacob. I’m sorry we let you down. We’re working our asses off to turn it around and bring the hobby back though. I feel like the last few updates have really started to change that and I believe the future is bright. I hope you join us.

He went on saying that they’re working on making Destiny 2 great as its predecessor was and he’ll be glad to have him – and every fan – back when they manage to make it happen.

If this was a one-time-thing we would probably be happy with his response and call it a day. However, Bungie has apologized too much and caused so much uproar in the community that a simple apology isn’t enough.

We’ve seen bugs and issues on Strikes and Crucible, reused assets and bugs on weapons over the past few days, so Bungie is either working on something bigger than Warmind or is once again reassuring fans with little impact. For what it’s worth we hope Destiny 2 manages to become what it’s “destined” to be in the near future.

What’s your experience with Destiny 2: Warmind so far? Are you disappointed with the new content implemented in the game?

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