Bungie Executive Raided by Police after Hoax Hostage Call

On the night between November 5 and 6 the police raided the house of a Bungie executive at 4:00AM after they received a call from an unknown person.

The guy claimed that he was holding the exec and his family hostage, adding that he held an assault rifle and also that he had placed explosives everywhere on the yard. He demanded $20,000 for ransom.

However, when the police arrived with dozens of their squad cars and even a helicopter all ready for a massive showdown, they found the Bungie executive and his family sound asleep in their home.

The data initially received by the police pointed that the call had been made from inside the house but it was later figured out that the caller had actually faked origination of the call using a term they refer to as ‘swatting.’

Deputy Jason Houck of the King County Sheriff’s Office said they were still looking for the actual culprit who placed the hoax however nothing had been figured out yet:

They haven’t been able to unravel the knot of where it comes back to. They were able to tell there were no bombs in the yard, no one with a rifle holding the family hostage.

So far it is not known who the Bungie executive was but the TV channel that aired the news says he is one of the ‘high-ups.’ As far as the developer is concerned, their spokesperson has said that while the exec is okay, they would refrain from commenting on the matter.

Do you think this could have been done by someone related to the community; someone with a grudge and a sick sense of humor/ revenge?

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